Can You Paint Wood Blinds?

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Wooden blinds regulate the temperature, maintain privacy and of course, they add elegance to the interiors of home, office, and to everywhere it is fixed. But over time, they lose their charm and color. Is there a way to rejuvenate it? Can you paint wood blinds?

Yes, Wood blinds can get painted. painting wooden blinds is an easy and least costly idea to get the charm back. Just enrich the look of the blinds with colors and a sprinkle of your creativity and give a fresh look to the ambiance.

Key Points

  • Wooden blinds can be painted with acrylic-based enamel paints.
  • Cleaning, priming, painting, and drying the slats are the steps involved in painting wooden blinds.
  • Rearrange the slats and fix them back to get a new-looking wooden blind.

Can You Paint Wood Blinds?

Yes, Wood blinds can get painted. Wooden blinds are mostly made of basswood for it is strong and durable. The magic of your creativity and some amount of patience can give an appealing look to the wooden blinds.

Getting them painted in the colors that go with the furniture in the room and with the color of the rooms wall and adding decorative beads to the strings matching them will enhance the look and style of the place. Mostly lighter shades are preferred to get a pleasant feel.

Can You Paint Wood Blinds

Got the answer to the question, can you paint wood Blinds? Next needed is the action. Experimenting with DIY methods is always interesting and gives satisfaction when done.

But before getting started, one must get the other information needed like the type of paint to be used, a precaution that must be taken before painting, and other tips and tricks which would help even a newbie to paint the blinds like a pro. By continuing the article, one would find all the details needed to get the wooden blinds painted.

What Paint To Use On Wooden Blinds?

Acrylic paints especially enamel paints would give a long life for the wooden blinds. Enamel paint would give a glossy look to the blinds. It would make cleaning easy in the future and protect the wood from moisture and heat to an extent. Painting can be done using a paintbrush or with spray paint for wooden blinds. If the blinds have patterns, using a sea sponge would be a promising idea.

How To Paint Wooden Blinds?

Yes, with acrylic paint, dull wooden blinds, and an enthusiastic mood, ready to paint the wooden blinds? Wait. Some preparations are required. Let us see them one by one.

How To Paint Wooden Blinds

1. Preparation

  • Prepare an area, cover the floor with plastic sheets or a tarpaulin sheet to protect the flooring from getting spoiled by the paint spilling.
  • Ensure the place is suitable, that the painted wooden blinds can be left undisturbed for getting dried.

2. Remove The Slats

  • Bring the blinds down and lay them on the floor.
  • The next step is to remove the slats. In the bottom slat, there you can see end caps. Remove them using a screwdriver with a flat edge.
  • Pull out the cord through the middle, there will be a knot or a metal loop. Cut it to remove the slats one by one.
  • Remove each slide by pulling out the middle cords on either side and removing the slat that is placed in every ladder loop.
  • Be patient, and the cords should not get tangled during the process of removing them.

3. Clean The Slats

  • Cleaning the wooden slats can be done with a damp cloth or a kitchen tissue.
  • Ensure that every slat is completely wiped off without any dust, small particles even your fingerprints while whipping.
  • For strong stains settled for long days, it would be good to use wood cleaners or polish dipped in the cloth and whipped off by giving a circular motion rub over the tough stains.
  • Even vinegar can be used but get them well diluted in water to reduce its acidic nature that may spoil the wood. Dip a cloth in dilution and completely squeeze it so that water content is minimized.
  • If you want to change the color of old blinds, use chemical paint removers for removing the old color. On both glossy and mat finish paints, the Chemical paint removers work very well.
  • Paint thinners can also be used to remove the stains of the previous paint from the slats. Thinners are oil-based solvents that would effectively remove the old paints on the slats. Do not use Chemical paint removers and thinners with bare hands, as they can cause severe damage to the skin.
  • Cleaning alcohol mixed with lime juice or hot water and sodium bicarbonate is another alternative for whipping off the dirt from the wooden slates.
  • Let them dry and no moisture exists on them.
  • Take them to the area prepared for painting.

4. Apply Primer

  • Lay the slats on the tarpaulin sheet.
  • Applying primer is always suggested for wooden slats, as it would enable the paint to cohere on the wood and the painting will have a long life.
  • Primer would give a vibrant look for the slats with a lesser number of coats.
  • Apply primer on one side of the slate and let it dry for a time that is prescribed in the container of the primer.
  • After drying, apply primer on the other side also and let that side get dried.
  • Sanding the slats with a fine sandpaper after the primer is dried would provide a smooth finish when the slats are painted.

5. Paint The Slates

Get the slats painted with acrylic-based enamel paint of the preferred color. Painting can be done with a paintbrush or with a spray. Painting in distinct colors and designs depends upon the taste of the person. Adding fabric dyes will help get unique colors.

6. Painting With A Paintbrush

  • If it is painted using a paintbrush, using a brush that is wider than the slat will be more convenient as it would cover the sides and edges of the slat very well.
  • Start from one end and end at the other end.
  • Paint one side of the slat first. Then place the slat on the Tarp.
  • Allow them to dry for a period as mentioned by the paint manufacturers.
  • Flip the other side and paint it and get it dried in the same way.

7. Painting With A Sprayer

  • If it is painted using a sprayer, lay the slats on the tarp in the area prepared for painting.
  • Leave enough space between the slats to enable painting on both sides.
  • If it is painted through a sprayer, shake the can well for 2 minutes before starting to spray paint for blinds.
  • A spray paint-can handle can be used to get sprayed better as it gives good control over the process.
  • Spray the paint in the same direction all over the slat, to get a uniform finish.
  • After painting one side of the slat, let them dry for a period as mentioned by the paint manufacturers
  • Once dried, flip the other side and place it in the exact place where first it was placed, to avoid the paint that would have spilled on the tarp damaging the painted side of the slat.
  • Spray paint on the other side and get it dried.

8. Final Verification

Make a note that applying 2 or 3 coats of paint would be needed to get a preferred finish. You may note a lesser shade of the color when the paints get dried. Verify that every nook and corner of the slats are painted, because if missed, it will be visible. If any wrong color is spilled on the slats, using a damp cloth it can be whipped off easily when it is wet, or else using a thinner or chemical remover that can be corrected.

Do not forget to paint the headers and blind fixings with the same paint to get a perfect match. Painting the strings with the same color or with a contrasting color for a distinctive look can be done. Giving a coat of varnish would be a promising idea. It would provide better protection to the wood.

9. Arrange the slats

Fix the slats one by one on the strings properly after the paint dried. Place each slat on the ladder loop, the middle cord is threaded through each slat and ensure that they are placed in the correct direction. The strings on either side of the blind must be placed outside the ladder loop cards. Tie the strings at the bottom of the blind with the end cap. Place the blind mounted in its place. Ensure the slats are in the correct position. Check the tilt and pull function is properly working. Now the wooden blinds are painted and have a fresh look.


Painted wooden blinds enhance the elegance of both interior and exterior of the place. Knowing the answer to the question, can you paint wood blinds, even a newbie will get it done cost-effectively.

Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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