How to Spray Walls Without Hitting the Ceiling? [8 Steps Guide]

How To Spray Walls Without Hitting Ceiling

When spraying your walls with a different color from your ceiling, it’s essential to keep the ceiling covered. That is because the paint can be easily spread over a large area, including the ceiling, when spraying the wall’s upper side. In short, the spray-painting process can ruin the ceiling’s beauty by mixing wall and ceiling …

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Can I Paint Over Green Nails? Is It Safe?

Can I Paint Over Green Nails

Using artificial nails can be exciting. They give your hands a whole new look in just a few minutes. But once your nails take too long to grow, then the ugly beauty of those artificial nails takes its place in them. One thing to note is that artificial nails cause green coloration to your nails. …

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Why are Picasso Paintings So Expensive and Famous?

Why Are Picasso Paintings That Expensive

Pablo Picasso is one of the most recognized artists of the twentieth century. His popularity was a result of his brilliant presentation in drawings. It’s on record that he was better than so many adults in drawing when he was a child. He could draw and paint just about anything in any style because he …

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Why Is Painting So Hard? – Beginners Should Know!

Why Is Painting So Hard

If you want to learn how to paint or create something, you make a good decision. The idea of accurately representing what you see on paper is incredible and fulfilling. But sometimes, being overwhelmed could make you ask why is Painting so hard? Fear could be a huge limitation in creating any meaningful artwork through …

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Why Is Sherwin Williams Paint So Expensive?

Why Is Sherwin Williams’ Paint So Expensive

The question which this article answers is why is Sherwin Williams’ paint so expensive?  Most people are likely to point to the strong brand and reputation the company has built for itself. In addition, the company uses high-quality materials in producing the paints and offers a low “cost per year of service.”  Since 1866, Sherwin-Williams …

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Is Spray Paint Waterproof? – Find Out Here

Is Spray Paint Waterproof

People often ask the question; is spray paint waterproof? We understand the need to find out, especially if the project should be long lasting. So, if you’re planning to use spray paint for your next project, this article is just right for you. Most spray paints are waterproof, providing water resistance where applied. Many types …

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Can Paint Freeze? – Inquiring Minds

Can Paint Freeze

Are you a painter or someone who does a lot of work with paint? If yes, you might be worried about the winter seasons and how they can affect your paint. Well, you’re not alone because we often hear a lot of people asking, can paint freeze? Anything with a solvent can easily freeze—and paint …

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Can You Use Ceiling Paint On Walls? – Ceiling Paint Guide

Can You Use Ceiling Paint On Walls

You might have some good leftover paint remaining in your house and want to do some repainting. If your question today is, can you use ceiling paint on walls? Then you have come to the right place. You can apply your ceiling paints on your interior walls if you desire an easy finish. It gives …

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Does Paint dry Darker or Lighter? – While Painting

Does Paint Dry Darker Or Lighter

Sometimes, it can get confusing trying to decide which type of paint to buy. This could be because you don’t want something looking different on your wall from what you saw at the paint shop. One thing that’s sure is that paint always looks different when it is dry. In addition, different kinds of paints …

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