How To Make Watercolor Spray Paint? (In-depth Guide in 2023)

How To Make Watercolor Spray Paint

I’m sure we’ve all been there before. You’re all set to start your next masterpiece, but when you go to get your paint out, you realize that you’re all out of paint. What are you supposed to do now? Don’t worry because there is a way to make your watercolor spray paint using just a …

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How To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer? (2023 Cleaning Tips)

How To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

Cleaning your Wagner paint sprayer is an essential part of its upkeep. Not cleaning it can lead to clogs, poor performance, and even damage to the sprayer. So make sure to clean it after every time you use it. As a painter, it is one of the essential tasks for you. But, how can you …

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Can You Paint Pressure-Treated Wood? Get the Right Answer 2023

Can You Paint Pressure-Treated Wood

After treating wood, it is most likely that it gets stacked with moisture. As you probably know, this doesnt sit well with paint. However, you still need to paint the wood for whatever reason you need it. So, the question now is, can you paint pressure-treated wood? You can paint pressure-treated wood, but you need …

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Eggshell Vs Semi-Gloss Paint: Which One Is Better in 2023?

Eggshell Vs Semi Gloss Paint

When it comes to painting a house, it becomes very confusing which type of paint and Sheen to be used. The two most common paint types are the Eggshell and the semigloss paint. Eggshell and Semi-gloss are better in their respective fields of application. Sheen level is the primary difference between the Eggshell and Semi-gloss. …

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How to Paint Galvanized Metal? (The Complete Guide 2023)

How To Paint Galvanized Metal

Galvanized metal is a popular choice when it comes to building any artwork. Thats because its rust and corrosion resistant. Unfortunately, that same quality makes it challenging to paint. Galvanized metals carry a Zinc coating that makes the paint peel off. If you want to know how to paint galvanized metal, there are ways to …

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Can You Paint Wet Wood?

Can You Paint Wet Wood

Wood lasts longer when you paint it. Paints protect the wood from ultraviolet rays and ensure that the surface retains its natural resins and even oils that bad weather would have damaged. So, normally people paint woods when the surface is dry and not actually when it is wet. But what if the surface is …

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How to Make Silver Paint?

How To Make Silver Paint

Silver is one of the standard metallic colors that add shine and glamor to any craft, design, or art project. If youre experimenting with mixing colors, start with silver. The silver color is among the metallic colors you can create easily with grey. Grey is a neutral color, and you can mix it with another …

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How To Make Orange Paint?

How To Make Orange Paint

Orange paint is a favorite of artists, homeowners, and muralists alike. Orange paint is great for adding warm color to your dcor and brightening up any room. In addition, knowing how to make orange paint yourself allows you to create custom shades and tints of orange that can’t be found in stores. The simplest way …

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How to Get Kilz Paint off Skin?

How To Get Kilz Paint Off Skin

I introduced my children to paint during the lockdown to keep them busy and entertained. It helped me avoid their disturbances and destructions while working from home. But I realized they were using Kilz primer for finger and body painting. My younger daughter started complaining of skin irritation after hours of Kilz paint usage. I …

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How To Make Paint Glossy?

How To Make Paint Glossy

Paint glossy has been the traditional paint for woodwork, metalwork, doors, trims, etc. It used to be oil-based in the past, but it is prone to yellowing and contains harmful lead that could threaten one’s health. Thankfully, more modern paint glossy is water-based, with fewer VOC solvents to provide a great shine without the fear …

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