How Long Does It Take to Paint a Bumper? [Detailed Process]

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A car’s bumper is constantly exposed to damage and similar concerns when driving. Apart from accidents and collisions, there are various ways your bumper can be dented.

Typically, it takes between 12 hours – 24 hours to paint a bumper, and this is because you must add two layers of base coat before adding the clear coat.

It won’t be suitable for a person who must drive around the city if the car stays long in the repairer’s store.

Painting your car’s bumper is a great way to give your car a facelift. A Bumper adds to the aesthetics of your car, and when dented, it affects the face value of the car. It is advisable to take it for repainting whenever your bumper is dented quickly. In this piece, you will understand all there is to know about the paint of the car bumper.

What Is a Car Bumper?

A bumper is a structure attached to your car’s front and rear ends. Bumpers are always located at the front of your cars. A bumper has a major role in preventing damage to your car from colliding with another. Ideally, bumpers absorb impact during a collision, and this reduces repair costs.

Car Bumper
Car Bumper

A car bumper is the structure of your car that readily hits an object during collision absorbing the impact. Bumpers also protect pedestrians from serious injury. In general, a car bumper protects some vital parts of your vehicle. With this, you should be able to identify a bumper when you see one.

When Should a Bumper Be Painted?

A bumper is a significant structure of your car because it minimizes the damage that can be done to some other important auto parts. A Bumper should be painted whenever noticeable dents, scratches, and imperfections occur. The good news here is that your dented bumper can be repaired with paint.

Bumper Painted

A Bumper can be dented or scratched in so many ways. Sometimes, your bumper can be scratched and dented due to an accident involving two or more cars. Collision is another way your bumper can be dented and scratched, and this could happen when you hit an oncoming car or a pole.

Whenever a dent or scratch can be noticeable on your bumper, this distorts the beauty of your car. It is better to repair the bumper by painting to avoid further dents.

How Long Does It Take to Paint a Bumper?

However, a bumper prevents physical harm from happening to your car during a crash. A bumper guards your vehicle, made mainly from plastics and rubber, and it needs to be repainted to give it a fine touch when dented.

The process involved in painting a bumper is simple without much difficulty, that is, if the car was taken to a professional. An expert in repairing auto parts delivers fast and premium services, so it won’t take him too much time to paint a bumper. Although, if the painting is done at home by a novice, this could be time-consuming.

Paint A Bumper
Paint a Bumper

To paint a bumper, the estimated time is between 12 hours – 24 hours. This is because you must add two layers of base coat before adding the clear coat. Although, if the painting is done by a professional, it will only take a few hours.

How to Paint a Bumper?

Before painting a bumper, some factors need to be put into consideration. The first is the adhesion on the bumper. Another is the flexibility of the part, making sure the bumper can be easily removed. Other important factors are chemical resistance and the texture of the paint. All these factors will affect the outcome of your painting and give you the best results.

How To Paint A Bumper

This is a step-by-step guide on how to paint a bumper.

Prepping the Bumper

First, remove or mask the bumper cover using painter’s tape. You can paint the bumper by detaching it from the car or masking it. Wash the bumper thoroughly to remove the oil and dirt using a degreaser and water. When the bumper is still wet, use sandpaper, working from different directions. Use a clean cloth to remove the dust from sanding on the surface.

Applying Paint

First, use a spray gun or ca, apply the base coat, and let it dry. After drying, use wet sandpaper to clean all imperfections of the painting. Repeat this process by putting the second layer of the base coat, allowing it to dry, and then using wet sandpaper on the surface.

The next step is applying the first layer of clear coat to make the base coat firm. Allow this to dry, then repeat the same process, meaning you apply two layers of clear coat. Let the bumper dry properly before attaching it to the car.

Repairing Shallow Cracks and Scratches

First, you need to detach the bumper from the main car by examining the connection points. Then use sandpaper to scuff the damaged area, removing the dirt. This helps create a rough texture for the adhesive to stick to the surface. The next step is to clean the residue on the surface.

Then, you need to get an adhesive used as filler. Ask for recommendations before getting the adhesive.

The next step is to fill the damaged part with filler. Allow this to sit so that the filler can be hardened on the surface of the bumper. Next, you have to level it using sandpaper. Then, apply the primer and paint, and allow it to dry. Repeat this same process before applying the clear coat. Allow this to dry before attaching the bumper to the car.

How Can I Paint My Car Bumper at Home?

Yes, you can paint your car bumper at home by yourself. This won’t cost you much, unlike when you hire the services of a professional. First, you need to access the damaged bumper. If it is slight damage, you can paint it yourself. Detach it from your car, and wash off the dirt on the surface so the adhesive will bond well. Dry the bumper using a clean napkin.

Paint Car Bumper At Home
Paint Car Bumper at Home

The next thing to do is go to a paint store for a spray gun and paint that matches the color of the bumper. Then, you can paint the bumper at home using a spray gun. Apply the base paint two to three times before applying the clear coat. Next, allow it to dry before attaching it back to your car.

Painting your bumper at home is not expensive, and it also relieves the stress of leaving your car in the repairer’s shop. Although, this still has its problems, and this major one is that the outcome might not be as expected.

DIY Bumper Painting Cost?

Painting your bumper yourself saves money and is less expensive than hiring an expert. This process does not involve buying many materials; you need the essential ones like sandpaper, base paint, and a clear coat.

The total estimate for getting these things is around $20 to $30. This is favorable because you don’t need to pay for services; you only need to get the painting materials.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, it does not take long to paint a bumper, and it takes just a few hours to paint a bumper, at most, a day.

To do this, you can hire an expert or, as the car owner, paint your bumper without much cost. When scratched or dented, car bumpers should be fixed by paint or replaced as soon as possible.

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Randy Charles is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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