How Long Does Paint Stay Mixed after Shaking?

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Randy Charles
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Spray paints have proven to be excellent for painting. Due to the spray paint’s efficiency, it’s highly used for all paint works. Since lots of people have employed spray paints, lots of questions now come to their minds. How long does color stay mixed after shaking is a frequently asked question?

As much as spray paints are easy to use, they can be tricky. When spray paints are purchased, most time, the only instruction written is to shake well before use. Most times, after shaking, users don’t shake again. Is shaking the spray paint once enough?

Spray paints need to be shaken as frequently as possible. Colors don’t stay mixed for long. After intervals, the can needs to be surprised again. Constant shaking can weaken the resolve of users. Shaking the spray paints helps you to have an effective resolution.

Why Is Shaking Spray Paint Necessary?

Spray paint is an aerosol. In other words, spray paints constitute liquid (paint) dropped in a gaseous medium. The mixture is now placed in a can. The paint is what needs to be scattered over an environment. The gas is what helps the liquid to be spread over the domain.

Why Is Shaking Spray Paint Necessary

With this in mind, why is shaking spray paint necessary? Spray paints need to be shaken because gas and liquid (paint) don’t stay together long. The color always tends to settle at the bottom of the container. When the paint drops, only a few paint droplets will be found in the gas.

Imagine making a pot of stew. After making it, you leave it for a while to cool small. When you come back to fetch it, you notice the oil settles on top while the main contents settle below. If you bring the top, you still get the red look, but you may not get the real taste of what you’ve made.

The scenario above is what happens when spraying occurs without shaking. Only the gas is used while the paint remains below. Leaving the color below doesn’t give an effective result. If the stain remains in the container and the gas is used, how will a good result beget?

Lots of spray paint users don’t shake before use. This act is because most of the users disregard the instruction. The users usually don’t see the need because when the nozzle and sprayed, paint comes out. What the users fail to realize is that they are not getting an effective result.

Other users don’t even bother reading the instruction. These factors contribute to the underuse of spray paint. This spraying uses up the pressurized gas while leaving the color inside. How then will the color be used if the medium for it to come out has finished? Therefore, shaking a spray paint before use is necessary to enable excellent results.

How Long Does Paint Stay Mixed after Shaking?

Spray paint settles very fast. Sometimes when spray painting, you may have to attend to a few things before coming back. Within this period, the paint drops a little, even if not totally. If you continue to spray without shaking, you’ll be leaving the settled color below. As a result, undesired results will be gotten.

How Long Does Paint Stay Mixed after Shaking

After painting, the spray may be kept for days before using again. Shaking the can is still necessary before use. Shaking it may not belong as the first time, but it still needs to be surprised. Shaking it produces effective and attractive results.

How Long Should You Shake Unused Spray Paint?

Unused spray paints usually require lots of time to shake. The long time frame is because unused spray paint leaves lots of color at the bottom. New spray paints may have sat on the shelf at the mall for a long time.

Within this period, total settling of the paint would have occurred. For this reason, a more extended period is required to disrupt the settled color and mix it with the pressurized gas. On the spray paint can, there’s usually a written period.

How Long Should You Shake Unused Spray Paint

The period is usually one to two minutes. Ideally, there’s no such thing as overshaking. Unused spray paints can be surprised for a longer time than two minutes. It can be stunned for three minutes. Shaking it ensures total mixture. It helps to clear the doubt of any settled paint.

Shaking a new spray paint should not be done for some time shorter than a minute. Brief shaking tends to leave color below still. Under vibration doesn’t produce effective results. There’s no harm in shaking the spray paint for three minutes, but there’s the harm in shaking for thirty seconds.  Therefore it takes about two to three minutes to shake unused spray paint.

How Do You Shake Paint at Home?

Think of how you’ll feel when you purchase a can of paint, and when mixing, the color pours out. You will feel sad or angry. Shaking paint at home can be a little messy. This mess freaks users. Because of the lot, most users ignore the need to shake. If they don’t forget the market, they may have the paint mixed at the shop.

Having the paint mixed can be time-consuming, especially if you have a pressing need. Also, when combined in the shop, it may not be done correctly. For these reasons, shaking paint at home is said to be conducive. How then is paint shaken at home?

Before shaking the paint at home, look for a conducive environment. Having an unwanted cloth placed on the floor can be done in case of mistakes that cause spilling. After doing this, ensure the lid is firmly in place. Providing the top is firmly on reduces the risk of spilling.

When the lid is firmly placed, hold the container above the ground. One hand should be placed on the top and the other beneath the container. The grip should be firm. Turn the container over to one side, then turn it back. Turn it over again, then return it. Turning it over should be done for three minutes to ensure proper mixture. The paint can then be used.

How Can Effective Painting Be Ensured?

Before settling to paint, make sure you wear protective clothing. Wearing it is because there are chemicals contained in the paint. Wearing a face mask or ventilator prevents chemical inhalation. Having a covering over your eyes prevents inflammation. When painting, make sure the area is well ventilated.

To spray effectively, keep your arm stretched out before the painting surface. When spreading, work with your whole upper limb and not just your wrist. Using your upper limb helps prevent surging too much on a particular side.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how long paint stays after shaking helps to ensure good painting results. The knowledge makes the painter ensure that no color is left below. The knowledge ensures good results.

Randy Charles
Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as a painter earlier in my professional career. There is simply nothing about painting that I didn’t do as a painter. From painting a fridge to a multi-storied building, I left nothing. I retired from my painting job in the mid of 2018 due to back arthritis problems.

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