How Much Does A Gallon Of Paint Weigh?

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Starting a painting project and now sure of the amount of paint you need? When planning a painting project, there are several things to consider. One such factor is the amount and weight of paint youll need.

So, how much does a gallon of paint weigh? A gallon of paint weighs from 6 to 12 pounds. The exact weight per gallon varies depending on the paint type and brand. In general Five Gallons of Paint Weigh 40-60 pounds.

Understanding the weight of paint is essential before you transport it to the project site. Join me as we learn more about the different weights of paints per gallon.

What Are The Standard Paint Measurements?

Before we get started, lets get to understand the standard paint measurements. What are the standards for measuring paint weight and volume?

Most paint brands measure their paints in gallons. One gallon and 5 gallons of paint are the standard measurements of paint. Gallon simply measures the paint volume.

Visit any hardware store and youll find 1 gallon and 5-gallon paints. This is simply the volume the paint occupies inside the can. Volume remains the same regardless of the paint type and density.

This simply means a gallon of water is equal to a gallon of paint or milk. So, what volume is a gallon? The term might sometimes mean different volumes depending on where it’s used.

For example, in the United States, a gallon measures approximately 3.8 liters. In Canada and the Caribbean, an imperial gallon is used which is equivalent to 4.8 liters.

There is also the US dry gallon which refers to the weight of solidified liquid. Its seldomly used with one US dry gallon equivalent to 4.4 liters.

For you to accurately measure volume, you need to convert the gallons to pounds. Pounds remain the primary weight measurement unit in the United States.

There is no easy way to convert gallons to pounds. This is because gallons only measure volume and not density. Different liquids measuring the same volume will likely have different weights. This is because of the varying density.

So, to accurately calculate the exact weight of paint per gallon, you need to know the paint density or gravity pull.

How Much Does A Gallon Of Paint Weigh?

A gallon of paint weighs in the range 6 to 12 pounds depending on the paint density. The exact weight of the paint per gallon will depend on the paint brand and density.

For example, latex paints are lighter and weigh less than oil-based paints. This is because latex paints are made of water and resin which are evenly spread in the paint. On the other hand, oil-based paint contains varnish which is denser.

How Much Does A Gallon Of Paint Weigh

To know the ideal weight of a gallon of paint, youll need the density or gravity pull of the paint. Some paint brands list the specific gravity of the paints.

Youll need to do some maths to find the real weight of paint per gallon. If the specific gravity pull is listed, you can find the weight by multiplying it by 8.345 lbs/gal at room temperatures of 39.2 degrees F. This is essential as temperatures can affect the paint density.

Luckily for you, weve compiled the list of the most popular paints and their corresponding volume and weight. Check the table below:


Handy Art Tempera 8.63
Sargent Art Latex 12.1
Recolor Recycled Interior Paint Enamel 10.7
Prestige Exterior Paint & Primer in one Latex 8
Valspar Porch & Floor Latex 10.61
BEHR Premium Latex


Krylon ColorMax Tempera 9
Rust-Oleum Professional Latex 10
Benjamin Moore Coronado Enamel 9.02
Rust-Oleum Simply Home Acrylic



What Factors Affect How Much Does a gallon of paint weigh?

Ive already discussed some of the main factors that affect how much a gallon of paint weighs. The major factors are the type of paint and base used. The type of paint is the most important factor.

There are usually two categories of paints in the market. These are water-based and oil-based paints. The specific ingredients inside the paints greatly affect density, therefore affecting weight.

First, all paints feature a suspended pigment and liquid. Additionally, the paints feature other ingredients that enhance the paints priming abilities.

What Factors Affect How Much Does A Gallon Of Paint Weigh

The main liquid or base can be water or oil. Water-based oils contain water as the main liquid while oil-based contain oil or other solvents. Since oil/solvents are light, oil-based paints generally weigh less per gallon than water-based oils.

Water-based paints are preferred and remain the most popular in the United States. They are eco-friendly since they dont contain many harmful ingredients. They also dry faster saving you time and energy.

Water-based paints also wash away easily with soap and water. You can clean clothes and other gear after painting with ease. However, water-based paints are not durable. They are preferred for indoor use where they are protected from weather elements.

Oil-based paints are the most light and offer excellent durability. However, they release dangerous chemicals and are regulated in most states.

Lets dig deep and see how the different types of paints affect weight. Below are the different paint types.

1. Acrylic Paint

There are varieties of acrylic paints on the market. The accurate weight per gallon will depend on the amount of acrylic in them. Latex paint and acrylic are the same in many aspects. They are both made of acrylic resin and water.

However, acrylic paints feature an acrylic polymer emulsion and higher amounts of acrylic. This makes them weigh a little more than latex paints.

Acrylic paint weighs around 3 pounds per liter. Overall, the average weight will range from 11 to 12 pounds per gallon.

2. Latex

Since youve seen latex and acrylic paints similarly, a latex paint will weigh around 11 pounds per gallon. However, the weight will vary depending on the brand.

Latex is water-based and remains the most popular choice for home-improvement projects. You can safely use it in areas with minimal ventilation. This is because the paint does not contain volatile chemicals like il-based paints.

A single gallon of latex paint can cover up to 400 square feet of surface in the first coat.

3. Oil Based

Oil-based paints have been in use for years. They weigh much less in pounds since they feature solvents and oil which are less dense than water.

The paints feature a pigment suspended in the solvent. On average, oil-based paints weigh 6.7 pounds per gallon. As you can see, they are much lighter than water-based paints.

Oil has a much lower density compared to water. This plays a major role in affecting the overall weight. A gallon of oil-based paint can also cover 400 square feet.

The weight of oil-based oils might vary depending on the specific ingredients inside. For example, some paints might contain more pigments than others.

4. Enamel

Lastly, we have enamel which can mean several things. Enamel can be several paints or materials inside a paint. The paints are used for glossy finishes on cars, RVs, and boats.

Knowing the real weight of enamel paint is tricky due to the broad ranges in the market. Furthermore, enamel paints can be oil-based or acrylic. Automatic enamel, which is the most common, weighs around 11 pounds per gallon.

How Do I Convert The Weight Of Paint From Gallons To Pounds?

You can convert the weight of paints from gallons to pounds by multiplying the paint volume by density. However, you must first determine the paint density. Most paint manufacturers list the paint density on the labels.

For example, a 5-gallon paint with 11.1 density weighs 55.5 pounds. This is done as follows:

5 gallons of paint multiplied by 11.1 pounds per gallon = 55 pounds.

The paint weight will be 55 pounds.

Does a Gallon of Paint Weigh the Same As Water?

A gallon of paint is a lot heavier than a gallon of water. The extra weight of paint is derived from non-water ingredients inside the paint. A gallon of water weighs around 6.7 pounds while a gallon of paint on average weighs around 8.35 pounds.

For example, the density of latex paint is 20% more than that of water. That means latex weighs 10 pounds per gallon which is heavier than water.


Well, thats it from us! Now you know the average weight of different types of paints per gallon. Knowing the weight of paint is essential for various reasons. The weight can affect the item youre painting, transportation of the paint, and much more.

To know the weight of paint per gallon, you need to know the type of paint and its density. Knowing the accurate weight of paint can impact the results of your project.

Randy Charles
Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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