How Much Does Vantablack Paint Cost?

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Vantablack® is an artificial wonder! Invented in the UK by NanoSystems Inc., it consists of super small and strong carbon nanotubes. These nanotubes trap almost all incoming light, producing an almost complete blackness. This special paint is used for space telescopes and industrial cameras. It’s even sought after by everyday consumers who want to add elegance and sophistication to their projects – from cars to walls.

Vantablack Paint
vantablack paint

But before you buy this paint, it’s a good idea to know how much it costs. Read on for more info about the cost of Vantablack paint and what factors affect its price.

What is Vantablack Paint?

Vantablack paint is an ultra-dark, light-absorbing paint made public in 2014. Developed by British company NanoSystems Ltd., it comprises a carbon nanotube array. This traps nearly every ray of light, making objects appear completely black. Vantablack is the darkest material ever made, absorbing 99.96% of visible light. This makes it 10 times darker than regular black paint.

The practical use of Vantablack is mainly due to its ability to absorb visible light. It can reduce the visibility of a bright object at night by over 86%. Also, it increases the efficiency of telescopes and other optical instruments by lessening the scattered light they receive from background objects.

Unfortunately, this technology costs steeply – £80 per gram ($105 per ounce). Since it was patented in 2014 by Surrey NanoSystems, these high prices remain with no signs of going down.

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Cost of Vantablack Paint

Vantablack paint – the world’s darkest material! It absorbs up to 99.965% of visible light. But it can be pricey! What makes up the cost of Vantablack paint? Let’s find out!

Price of Vantablack S-VIS

Vantablack S-VIS is a revolutionary paint developed by British company Surrey NanoSystems. It’s incredibly dark and non-reflective. It’s one of the darkest paints in the world.

Prices for Vantablack S-VIS can be high. It can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per square meter. This depends on quantity, shipping fees, and if tools are needed for installation. Since Vantablack S-VIS is new, prices can go up due to higher demand. For artistic projects needing “S648“, licensing fees will also apply. Special versions of Vantablack S-VIS now require specialist tools and must be applied with strict control. This can cost more than single batches.

Vantablack S-VIS comes at a premium price. Other types of black paint may offer similar results at a lower cost.

Price of Vantablack HS-VIS

Vantablack HS-VIS is the planet’s blackest paint. It’s made of tiny carbon nanotubes just 2.7 nanometers thick. It’s an expensive paint, often used for luxury or artistic projects.

A kilo of Vantablack HS-VIS can cost around $4,512 to over USD 6,526. Shipping could add extra costs, depending on the seller and the country.

Remember, the price depends on your order size and other factors. To get an accurate cost estimate, contact the seller before you buy bulk Vantablack HS-VIS paint.

Price of Vantablack VBx2

Introducing VBx2: the next generation of Vantablack coating! It’s an ultra-black paint with a color that makes everything look two-dimensional.

VBx2 costs around £200 per sqm (without VAT). But, with a substrate such as metal or fabric, it can be as cheap as £50/sqm (without VAT). Plus, it requires little preparation. A liter covers 12 sqm and needs fewer spray deposits, making applying faster.

VBx2 may seem pricey initially, but it can save you money in the long run due to its low maintenance needs.

Where to Buy Vantablack Paint

Vantablack, or “Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Array“, is an extraordinary paint. It was invented by British scientist Sir Harold Koenig in 2014 and has been highly sought after by artists and others looking to create something unique.

Despite its darkness, Vantablack is quite reasonably priced. Depending on where you buy it and how much you purchase, the average gallon of Vantablack is $500-$650. You can find Vantablack online at retailers such as Amazon or specialty stores like NanoTech Solutions. Additionally, some luxury car makers are using Vantablack for exterior trim items.

Remember: a little Vantablack goes a long way! This powerful material can help you make something truly special if used properly and with moderation.

Uses of Vantablack Paint

Uses Of Vantablack Paint
Uses of vantablack paint

Vantablack paint dubbed the “blackest black” paint, is one-of-a-kind. It consists of minuscule particles and can absorb nearly all light that touches it. This makes it perfect for projects needing a deep hue.

Let’s explore some of the usages of Vantablack paint!


Astronomy departments and observatories prize Vantablack paint. It can absorb up to 99.965% of visible light. Coating astronomical equipment with Vantablack minimizes interference from outside light sources. This allows for more accurate readings and reflections from space. Some Apollo missions adopted Vantablack technology. It was used as a layer against solar radiation in early space exploration.

Vantablack paint can block most ambient light waves outside the test specimen’s emission radiation. This makes it ideal for low-background tests in physics experiments. The cost of Vantablack depends on quantity and application procedure. It’s usually more expensive than standard paint due to its advanced production process and reduced side effects.


The Vantablack car is a groundbreaking invention in the field of automotive design. Developed by Surrey NanoSystems, Vantablack is a unique material that absorbs up to 99.965% of visible light, rendering any object coated with it nearly invisible to the human eye.

The Vantablack car, coated entirely with this innovative substance, has garnered worldwide attention for its striking appearance. With its surface absorbing virtually all light, the car appears as an ethereal void, devoid of any discernible shape or form.

The Vantablack car showcases the remarkable potential of this material, opening up possibilities for a range of applications, including camouflage and stealth technology. Its introduction has sparked a new wave of curiosity and fascination as scientists and designers continue to explore the countless possibilities that Vantablack offers.

Spray Paint

Vantablack spray paint, known for its ability to absorb up to 99.96% of visible light, was developed by Surrey NanoSystems, a UK-based company. This groundbreaking technology revolutionized the world of pigment, creating the darkest substance ever created.

Vantablack spray paint is composed of a series of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes, which trap and absorb light, giving objects coated with this paint an illusion of depth and void. Due to its unique properties, this material finds applications in various industries, including aerospace, architecture, and automotive.

Objects coated in vantablack spray paint appear two-dimensional as they lack the typical surface features and reflectivity visible to the human eye. The development of vantablack spray paint has opened up endless possibilities in the field of light manipulation and artistic expression.


The use of Vantablack Paint by the military has been debated for a long time. It is the darkest material known to man and can be advantageous. Unfortunately, it is unavailable commercially, so the cost and security measures can be a barrier.

Vantablack Paint can be used in aircraft, ships, military vehicles, tanks, and armored personnel carriers. This paint can make these objects less visible with night vision goggles. It can also coat weapons like infrared seekers and laser-guided systems, making them blend in better.

Since Vantablack Paint has very low reflectivity, it could be used in Stealth technology. This would make it difficult to detect radar signals. Research is being done on militaries’ potential use of this paint, including any potential problems or limitations arising from its use compared to existing paint systems.


Vantablack paint is often used in art. It creates pieces that symbolize mystery, darkness and space. Sculptures covered in Vantablack seem to absorb light. This creates an atmosphere that is out of this world. Artists experiment with spraying and printing it to make unique shapes ranging from human figures to abstract textures. Another artist used Vantablack paint, known as the darkest substance on Earth, to create a mesmerizing 3D sculpture.

Vantablack paint is also used in fashion, architecture, interior design and more. The fun continues!

Vantablack Paint
Vantablack paint


The cost of Vantablack paint can differ. The general price for a 100mL can is around £35. It should not be used as regular paint. It has only been approved for special applications, like science experiments or extreme environment testing.

Vantablack offers advanced black coating technology. It is more expensive than standard paints. But it is worth considering if you have the budget for it. It is the world’s darkest pigment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vantablack and how does it impact visible light?

Vantablack is a super-black coating that is made using carbon nanotube technology. It is one of the blackest substances ever created, capable of absorbing up to 99.965% of visible light and reflecting less than 0.005% of light. This super-black coating has the ability to trap and retain all levels of absorption. Vantablack has wider range of applications, from luxury coatings to consumer products, to improve optical and imaging systems, where stray light in the instrument reduces both sensitivity and the ability to calibrate the system effectively.

Who developed Vantablack?

Vantablack was originally developed by Surrey NanoSystems, a UK-based manufacturer that engineer carbon nanotube technology for optical and thermal applications. Surrey NanoSystems owns the patent for Vantablack.

How is Vantablack manufactured?

Vantablack is manufactured using a process called chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which involves growing a forest of aligned carbon nanotubes on a substrate. The carbon nanotubes are extremely thin – about one-thousandth the width of a human hair – and are densely packed together. The resulting material is a highly porous, ultra-dark substance that absorbs up to 99.96% of visible light.

What are the applications of Vantablack?

Vantablack has a wide range of potential applications, from improving the performance of optical and thermal imaging systems to developing luxury coatings for high-end products. It can also be used for automotive and aerospace engineering, as well as in sensor and calibration systems. Its ability to absorb almost all visible light makes it attractive for scientific and military applications where stray light can cause interference or signal noise.

Does Vantablack absorb other forms of radiation?

Yes, Vantablack also has exceptional absorption properties in the infrared and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum. It is a light-absorbing material that can trap and retain radiation from the ambient environment.

How is Vantablack used in coating and painting?

Vantablack can be applied as a coating or a paint. This super-black coating is sprayable and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, but it must be applied in a specially controlled environment due to limitations in the manufacturing process. The original Vantablack was so difficult to work with that Surrey NanoSystems developed a slightly less-absorptive version called Vantablack S-VIS (super-black coating with improved spectral performance) which is easier to apply to surfaces and more resistant to mechanical stress.

What is the Price of Vantablack Paint?

The price of Vantablack, a highly acclaimed and ultra-black coating, varies depending on the application and quantity needed. To obtain an accurate price, it is recommended to contact Surrey NanoSystems, the company that developed Vantablack, directly for a quote.

Can You Buy Vantablack?

Unfortunately, Vantablack, a highly sought-after super-black pigment, is not available for purchase to individual consumers. Developed by Surrey NanoSystems, it is exclusively licensed for industrial and scientific applications. Vantablack absorbs up to 99.96% of light, making it the darkest substance known, but accessibility is limited to specific industries.

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