How Much Does Vantablack Paint Cost?

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Vantablack is the world’s leading darkest manufactured substance. This result is according to the Surrey Nano System‘s company website. So, if you desire black pigments, vantablack should be your choice.  The coating has gone from an ordinary color to one of the most expensive color coatings. Just recently BMW X6 show car was coated with the same color pigment. Considering this information, you might wonder, ‘how much does Vanta Black cost.

Vanta Black prices have never really been revealed. This is because the product is not available for commercial sale yet. Generally, the price starts from a minimum of $65,290 and is equally subject to the type you want. The drive 40i, sdrive40i, and m50i sell for $67,595, $65,290, and $86,465 respectively. From these incredible prices, we can infer that the product must be a precious one. Judging from its rank in the world.

What Is Vanta Black?

Vanta Black is a brand name for a family of super-black coatings. The coating is an invention of Surrey Nanosystems in 2014. And it absorbs 99.965 percent of light, making it the blackest color pigments amongst other blacks. The product Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array Black was originally designed for space travel use and optics.This is to have a clearer view of distant objects in the study.

What Is Vanta Black

The product is also known for its hemispherical reflectances, which are below 15%. Its other unique properties include space imaging, aesthetics, optical systems, automotive sensing, and arts.

Properties of the Vantablack Paint

  • It has a low ultra reflectance which makes it able to capture details from every angle
  • It has a highly visible, UV, and IR absorption
  • Its optical properties are not degraded by humidity
  • it has high thermal shock resistance and doesn’t affect its performance

Is Vantablack Paint Illegal?

The product Vanta black might truly be the coolest and blackest color. It is illegal to use. This perhaps explains why the product is not available for commercial sale except for Anish Kapoor. The Indian artist was granted exclusive rights to use the product for artistic purpose

The product was originally produced for the US army and, as such, contains no toxic fume and is completely illegal for use. However, the pigment is legal for use in cars. This is evident from the recently released BMW car, which was painted in Vanta black.

What Is Vantablack Used for?

The application of vantablack is quite numerous. However, in this article, I will be narrowing it to a few important areas.

What Is Vantablack Used for

Optical imaging is one of the few areas that benefit from the amazing features of the vantablack pigment. The product has amazing light-absorbing and low outgassing qualities. When this feature is paired with precision IR imaging programmed such as FLR, it produces a high-quality resolution system.

The product can also be used in earth-based telescopes to study the earth’s climate and satellite. The national university of Singapore has already tested this concept. It was detected that the vantablack product aided in accurately monitoring the earth’s climate and ecosystem. Its unique features help absorb all lights and stray light, thereby providing an accurate postponing based on star maps.

Originally, the results could have been disrupted by stray light coming from the sun and other planets. Its other uses include art purposes [three-dimensional coatings], aesthetics, and automotive sensing.

Seven Things You Should Know about Vanta Black Paint

Seven Things You Should Know about Vanta Black Paint

1. It is the Darkest Black Pigment in the World

There is no iota of doubt you have ever come across something as dark as this. Across the globe, it is relatively the darkest pigment you can find. With just a glance, you will sure be taken aback by its awesome black and dark shine.

In the process of manufacturing this paint, scientists must have initiated scalable materials and cutting-edge technological tools to create a wonder the whole world desires to behold. However, collective efforts have been geared towards identifying what exactly the source of this darkest pigment known to man.

2. It Absorbs up to 99.965% of Light

Perhaps you are familiar with the color used on BMW’s car, you should know that it has the capacity of absorbing at least 99 percent of light. There’s more when it comes to Vanta Black paint. This paint can absorb as much as 99.965 percent of light. That’s incredible, isn’t it? The major difference between the BMW car’s color and the Vantablack is that the latter is not just a color but a substance.

It comes with its own special materials and designs as its nanotubes are continuously on the run to bring about the unique pigment. It has high-quality resistance against water and can withstand external elements optimally. Its outstanding light absorption capacity makes it one of the most sought after product across industries.

3. It Was Originally Designed for Use in Space

From designs to structures and textures, everything shows that this product was made for more. It was initially produced to aid space exploration. As far back as 2016, it made its debut on the Kent Ridge 1. It made navigation easier for the micro satellite by creating traceable positions based on nearby stars. Due to its dark pigment, light interference is minimized to the barest minimum.

This way, a more accurate tracking system is created and a better means of exploring realms that are beyond human reach are devised.

4. It makes Objects appear Two-dimensional

For every object painted with this product, it takes the two-dimensional shape instead of the three-dimensional. When painted, the object’s lines and contours disappears. This is because the paint sucks every mark and design into oblivion.

5. It Will Not Go Into Production

One concern your mind won’t fail to demand answer to is how possible it is to design cars using this paint and put them out on a dark roadway. Without mincing words, night driving is not possible as the car will become invisible. You don’t have to get yourself worried because even BMW is of the view that this color car will never be produced.

Apart from its inability to stand out to be seen by other drivers in the daylight, this color car will be quite dangerous for oncoming traffic. Suppose you want to drive a car with the latest designs and the most appealing appearance. In that case, you have to count this color car out of your options as safety should be more crucial than beauty.

6. The Pigment Uses Carbon Nanotubes

Consisting cylindrical molecules, carbon nanotubes are carbon atoms that are often folded in multilayer sheets. To create a balanced environment on a micro-scale, they use nanotube arrays aligned vertically. Otherwise referred to as photons, the light goes into the balanced environment and moves along the tubes until all energy and heat is lost.

The extreme black coloring of the product is derived from the photons, which have no means of escaping. Beyond what the human eyes can see, the scientific innovations behind its creation is impressive.

7. It Gives No Reflection

Another perk that comes with this product is its lack of reflection. This is the primary reason they are in wide use in space communities where results can be affected by light. As a result if this feature, it is quite impossible for people to see through. When painted with this color, contours of objects vanishes naturally.

How Much Does Vantablack Paint Cost?

The vantablack paint is an exclusive product and, as such, is not available for commercial sale. This is so because of its unique features .However, other brands of black paints are on sale. Product developed by Stuart Semple Black 2.0 is available on sale. The price of this product is also subject to the type and brand you want .Although, you can get an average 150ml bottle for 33 dollars.

How Much Does Vantablack Paint Cost

How Is Vantablack Applied?

The application of vantablack is solely dependent on the purpose it is intended. Optical imaging features concerning capturing every detail, notwithstanding the stray light, would enhance the application of the system.

It can also be applied in photography and screening rooms to create special effects. it can be applied as a  background to reduce reflection while improving the accuracy and clarity of the pictures

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Vantablack paint is the blackest of all blacks in which has several amazing features that can be beneficial to different parts of creativity. Optical imaging, space monitoring, photography, cinematography, and so on. As beneficial, it is not available on commercial sale as aerosol painting. This is to protect its exclusivity, and its use is made illegal.

However, the black 2.0 developed by Stuart Semple is available on sale and can be accessed by all except the Kapoor’s family.

Randy Charles
Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as a painter earlier in my professional career. There is simply nothing about painting that I didn’t do as a painter. From painting a fridge to a multi-storied building, I left nothing. I retired from my painting job in the mid of 2018 due to back arthritis problems.

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