How To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer? (2023 Cleaning Tips)

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Cleaning your Wagner paint sprayer is an essential part of its upkeep. Not cleaning it can lead to clogs, poor performance, and even damage to the sprayer. So make sure to clean it after every time you use it. As a painter, it is one of the essential tasks for you. But, how can you clean the Wagner paint sprayer properly?

First, you need to disassemble every part of the sprayer, then use soap water to clean it. If it is too hard for soap water, use a cleaning solution and brush to remove all the leftover paint. Clean it with fresh water, then rinse and dry using a towel. Reassemble everything and use it for your next painting.

So here you are about to learn how to clean Wagner paint sprayer. Also, I will add some safety to ensure you are doing everything right regarding the cleaning process.

Key Points:

  • Get soapy water and a cleaning solution for better cleaning assurance.
  • Disassemble all the parts carefully and put them in a bowl
  • Use a dry towel to rinse water properly
  • Gloves are the best way to protect your hand from dirt

What Do You Need To Know About Cleaning A Wagner Sprayer?

The Wagner sprayer is a tool used to apply paint or other materials to a surface. It is a handheld device with a nozzle at the end used to spray the material. The Wagner sprayer is a type of airless sprayer. This type of sprayer uses a pump to create a high-pressure stream of material that is then forced out of the nozzle.

What Do You Need To Know About Cleaning A Wagner Sprayer

The Wagner sprayer is a popular tool for painting because it is easy to use and it produces a smooth finish. But every time you use this sprayer, there is some paint left in it. And sometimes, it gets clogged due to that. Therefore it is necessary to clean the sprayer before and after using it.

How To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer?

You have to follow a few steps to ensure proper cleaning. Using this method and supplies, you ensure the best quality cleaning that you intend the most.

How To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

What You’ll Need To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

First, you need cleaning supplies to ensure your best cleaning. You need the following supplies for cleaning.

  • Soapy water in a bowl
  • Cleaning brush
  • Dry towel
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Paint container

Ensure you have these items before starting to clean the sprayer.

Steps To Clean Wagner Paint Sprayer

Although various paint sprayers are available from Wagner, all have almost similar working principles. And cleaning it is simple if you follow these procedures.

  • Take apart the spray gun carefully
  • Clean the Nozzle and suction tube
  • Clean The fluid tube and fluid cup
  • Let it dry and reassemble

Take Apart The Spray Gun Carefully

First, you have to take apart the spray gun’s components. Start by twisting out the front of the sprayer that has nozzles and others. And then disassemble the paint cup. You may find leftover pain in here. Put it into the paint container for later use.

Since various models of Wagner paint sprayers are available in the market, you may see some differences in their constructions. However, it is almost the same for every sprayer to disassemble.

Clean The Nozzle and Suction Tube

It would be the best choice to clean the nozzle and suction tube right after using it. That will ensure the best cleaning without strenuous effort. Using a brush can make this work easier for you.

But if you did not wash it after using it, it is possible to get the paint dry completely. Therefore using a brush is not enough for cleaning the nozzle and suction tube. Here you need a cleaning solution to ensure better cleaning.

So, soak these parts into the cleaning solution first, then use a brush to clean it properly. Make sure not to do excessive scrubbing; try it gently. Then use clean water to ensure nothing is left inside. After that, place it in a clean space to rinse all the water and let it dry.

Clean The Fluid Tube and Fluid Cup

While the nozzle and suction tube are rinsing the leftover water, you should clean the paint tube and cup. This is also a similar procedure. Try using a brush to get rid of all of the leftover paints and then soak them in soapy water. Now use the brush again to ensure proper cleaning. Then clean it using water, then let it dry.

Let it Dry and Reassemble

The cleaning part is done; now you have to let it dry. If you want to make this procedure quicker, use a dry towel to ensure there is no water left. Make sure no soap or cleaning solution is leftover in the gun. And wait for a while to let it dry properly. Then reassemble all the parts carefully.

Safety Recommendations When Cleaning A Wagner Paint Sprayer

When you are cleaning your Wagner paint sprayer, make sure to follow a few safety cautions to stay safe and not break any parts of the sprayer.

  • First of all, never go in a hurry doing it. The overall procedure is going to take somewhere between five to ten minutes. So there is no need to hurry and do something wrong. Sometimes it can cause damage to the sprayer. For example, you can break tiny parts due to rush. So do it carefully, not in a rush.
  • Use gloves while cleaning: you know paint consists of some toxin materials that can harm you if you accidentally consume that. So, use gloves for safety while cleaning your Wagner paint sprayer.
  • Clean it outdoors Using a sprayer to paint the house is normal, but when you need to clean the sprayer, do it outdoors to ensure better cleaning as well as let sunlight dry it naturally.
  • Use a bowl: While you disassemble your paint sprayer, keep all the parts in a bowl or somewhere in a safe place to make sure you never miss any single part. Because if something is missing, you may struggle to use that sprayer again.
  • Keep it away from kids: As you know, paint has toxic materials that can do severe damage to kids’ health. Therefore make sure your kid is not touching it while you’re cleaning it. If your baby accidentally touches anything, clean your hand correctly.


Cleaning the Wagner paint sprayer is one of the easiest parts and regular basis chores for a painter. It will ensure the longevity of your sprayer as well as make your painting better. Now that you know how to clean Wagner paint sprayer, you can keep your sprayer in good condition and continue to produce beautiful paintings. Be sure to clean your sprayer after each use, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

If you follow the above method correctly, it will surely clean your sprayer thoroughly. Also, you can experience a clogged-free sprayer, which will ensure better painting.

Wagner paint sprayer is one of the popular sprayers in the market. And there are various models available according to your purpose. But if you follow the above method, you can clean every paint sprayer without having any issues.

Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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