How to Make Beige Paint?

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Besides the fundamental colors, another of the most wanted colors for paintwork is beige color. However, creating this particular color is a bit tricky and difficult. You’ll have to add a little more or a little less of a particular color to change its hue.

You must understand how to make beige paint to get the appropriate paint with the various paint types. Furthermore, the beige color is a combination of both secondary and primary colors. Therefore, the color mixture will likely fail if the color quantity isn’t accurate. So, keep reading this particular article, to everything there is to making beige paint.

What Colors Make Beige?

The beige color is among the classic and neutral colors of paint. You can also call the beige color the cream color. There are 2 different colors you can use to create the beige paint color. They are;

What Colors Make Beige

  • White paint color
  • Yellow paint color

In addition, brown or coffee color can create a beige paint color if you mix it with white paint color.

Two Colors to Create Beige Color

If youre experienced in mixing the tertiary and secondary colors, you may find making the beige very easy. Anyway, follow these processes;

  1. Mix the white paint with the brown paint you created. The exact mixture of white and brown will result in a shade of light brown. This color is a hue of beige. If not, it is likely to surpass the foundation color, bringing an unexpected paint color.
  2. When mixing the colors for beige, make sure that white is your foundation color. You should bring the pristine white paint color, then add one drop of yellow paint. Stir them together. You will find out that the yellow paint hue will transform the pure white color into a beige or creamy color.
  3. Another method you can use to create beige paint is; to bring the pure white color as your base once more, then add brown and light-yellow colors. Make sure that you only take a small amount of them. With this mixture, the yellow paint color will provide brightness to the beige color.

In addition, you can also get beige color by combining pristine white with yellow or gray. When you mix them properly, you will arrive at beige paint color.

Ingredients for Making Beige paint

Since you now have the theory of how you can produce beige paint, the next step is to go ahead and do it practically. However, you will need to get the necessary ingredients. Such ingredients like;

Ingredients For Making Beige Paint

  1. White paint
  2. Brown paint
  3. Yellow paint
  4. Yellow dyes or toners
  5. Temperas
  6. Acrylic paint
  7. Gray color (optional)
  8. Stir stick
  9. Disposable bowls
  10. Pieces of beige color
  11. Paintbrush
  12. Dust mask

Now, you can make the best beige color by following the steps below.

How to Make Beige Paint?

Making beige paint has many different methods. You can use acrylic, toners, dyes, or tempera. Whichever method you follow, you will still arrive at beige paint color. Let’s check them step by step.

How To Make Beige Paint

1. Using Tempera Paint to Make Beige

Tempera is among the paints you can use to produce beige. It is well-known as well as cheap. Moreover, you can get it anytime. Use the following steps to create beige paint using tempera;

Step 1: Procure A White Paint Foundation

Getting your white paint base is the first thing you need, or you can bring a tertiary color. But for this particular process, white color is the most appropriate one to use.

Step 2: Add Temperas

The next thing you need to do is add temperas. You can add brown or yellow for this step. Also, you can choose brown color, although it all depends on the specific shade you want. For the temperas, if they are in tubes, you can use a palette.

But if the temperas come in a bottle, it is advisable to use it with brushes. Remember to use a different brush for each of the bottles. If not, the already stained brush can cause a mess. However, it is important to spray or apply a small amount of water to the brush. That will enable it to get the appropriate paint.

Step 3: Blend the Colors

Now, you can take your stir stick or another paintbrush that is not stained with paint to blend the paints. Stir the paints properly until you get the homogeneous beige hue of the color you need.

2. Using Toners or Dyes to Make Beige

Using toners or dyes is another good way you can create beige. The particular toners used in this mixture can tint the paints such as; acrylic, vinyl, water, plastic, or latex.

For you to arrive at the best beige paint, you need to do the following;

Step 1: Get the White Paint Foundation

Just like before, you need to get the white paint base to create a beige color paint.

Step 2: Add 30cc Yellow Dye For Each 1 Liter of White Paint

For every 1 liter of the white paint, you can only add 30cc (cubic centimeter) of the yellow dye. With this quantity, you are sure to get the proper beige color. If you want to increase the paint, you can add 60 cubic centimeters of yellow dye to the 2 liters of white paint.

Step 3: Stir The Paints

Lastly, you need to take your stir stick to mix the paints properly. Continue to mix the paints till all the dye breaks down well inside the white foundation and forms the creamy color of beige paint. That is how to get the perfect beige-colored paint.


When increasing the quantity of the paint, never exceed 60cc of the dye you need inside the 1-liter white base. If you add more dye than this quantity, the paint will no longer have its glueyness. Thus, it can’t last on many surfaces.

As a result, the mixture will not dissolve well, and it can lead to dye stains on your walls.

3. Using Acrylic Paint to Make Beige Paint

You can also make use of acrylic paints to produce beige-colored paints. Acrylic is popular among crafters and painters. Moreover, they are easy to clean up, and their fast drying nature makes them perfect for creating beige paints. So, it is worthwhile if you decide to use acrylic to produce your beige color paint.

Just follow these steps;

Step 1: Get a Pure White Paint

As long as you want to use acrylic to create beige paint, the first thing you have to do is get pure white paint. The pure white paint will become the foundation paint for this task. Another name for pure white paint is all-white paint. Check the label thoroughly to ensure you get the right shade before buying.

Step 2: Add A Little Brown or Yellow Paint

If you are using a canvas or palette, draw 1 line of white paint suitable for your drawing or crafting requirement. Ensure that you draw a wide line. Then on the sides, including another paint line of light yellow.

Make sure you do not exceed 2 drops. Besides, using only 1 drop can work as well. Don’t forget to make the line relatively small as well as fine.

You can also add brown paint instead of yellow paint, although it is optional. But if you will use brown paint, you can only use 1 drop. When you are making the fine line with the brown paint, never exceed 1 drop.

Step 3: Stir The Paints

Get your paintbrush or stir stick to mix the paints added. Immediately the beige color emerges; stop mixing.


Remember that the shade or tone of the beige paint you make depends greatly on the number of paints you added to the all-white paint. So, you need to exercise caution when applying the brown or yellow color drops. But if you can get an accurate amount, you will surely achieve a particular beige paint tone.

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How to Make Beige Paint Darker?

You may not know it, but the beige color also consists of a little pink tint. So if you want to darken it, you can add a little red also. After adding that and you find out that the paint is too dark for your liking, brighten it back with more white.

You can even make use of yellow to lighten the color. On the other hand, you can also make use of blue or brown paint color to darken your beige paint. You just have to add a little more blue or a little more brown.

Another way you can darken your beige paint is by combining a white base with brown paint.

Things you May Need

  • Empty can (optional)
  • Red paint
  • White paint
  • Blue or brown paint
  • Paint Stirrers

You can use these colors to darken your beige paint as you wish. However, it is advisable to retain the paint’s undertones still. It should always have at least 2 shades of its original tone.

Bottom Line

Overall, you now know how to make beige paint and that it is not very difficult. It takes adding decent quantities of specific colors. Just like other paint colors, beige consists of a broad range of tones and shades. Any of the tones and shades of beige you want to achieve, you can through this comprehensive guide.

It may be quite tricky to get the perfect shade of paint you need. But if you are a painter or a crafter, it will become easier for you. But rest assured, you can still develop the skill through constant practice.

Randy Charles
Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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