How to Paint a Champagne Bottle? – The Ultimate Guide 2023

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Bottle decorations are one of the most beautiful arts that anyone can find. But, we all know that paint hardly sticks to surfaces like bottle surfaces because of its slimy nature. For instance, if you.

Have a bottle like a champagne bottle; you must learn the tricks of painting it beautifully. So keep reading to find details on how to paint a champagne bottle.

Painting a champagne bottle depends on the kind of paint that you use. First, you must get suitable paint and make the bottle opaque if necessary. Then apply the paint to the bottle, and make your design the way you want it.

But, there are selected paint that you can use to paint a champagne bottle, and we will show them below. Also, we will teach you how to paint a champagne bottle, show you the things you need, and how to make the paint last.

What Are the Supplies Youll Need to Paint a Champagne Bottle?

Painting champagne bottles dont just happen. You have to be intentional about it, which means preparing the supplies you will need. So, we will give you a run-down list of the supplies you will need to paint a champagne bottle and what you need them for.

Paint A Champagne Bottle
Painting a Champagne Bottle
  • An Empty Champagne Bottles

You cant paint the bottle while it has content. The bottle needs to be empty because the painting is o decoration and nothing else. Furthermore, you dont want to bother yourself with the weight of a full bottle when you can do better with an empty and lighter bottle.

  • A White Spray Paint

Firstly, the white spray paint makes the bottle opaque. Also, it gives you a base to apply your painting designs on.

  • A Cover for The Space You Are Using to Paint.

Get cardboard or a cloth to cover the floor and the closest walls to the bottle to avoid leftover stains.

  • Paints for Your Designs

There is no limit to paint that you can assemble. Just get enough paint that will suit the creative design that you have in mind. Not all paint can stick to a bottle, so make sure the paints you are getting can stick.

  • Paintbrushes

You might need more than one paintbrush for this process. If you are using more than one color of paint, which is very likely, you dont want to be washing the brush to use it on another color. This will make your work slow, and you dont want that. So, get multiple paintbrushes before you start painting.

  • Extra Designing Tools

You might need a pencil and paper to draw the design in your imagination and see if it is good enough. Also, you might need masking tape to restrict the paint from getting into some areas for design styles.

How to Paint a Champagne Bottle?

People who want to know how to paint a champagne bottle must know that it might not be a short process. But, it is a straightforward process. Also, missing a step might give you a bad result. So, stick to the steps we will take you through.

Paint A Champagne Bottle

Empty the Champagne Bottle and Clean It

For the first step, you must empty the champagne bottle if it contains content. We dont advise you to work with a filled champagne bottle. Also, clean the bottle. Cleaning the champagne bottle doesnt just wash it; it also means getting rid of the label.

Every champagne bottle has a label, and it might be easy to peel off, but the gum is not. Here, you need to soak the bottle in hot water to make the gum soft and less adhesive. Then, take the bottle out and scrape off the label. Leave the bottle completely clean and smooth.

Dry the Champagne Bottle

Drying the champagne bottle should not be a problem because it doesnt take much to dry. Keeping it under the sun or in a heated place can do the trick. When it has dried completely, move to the next step.

Make the Bottle Opaque and White

Making the bottle opaque is not compulsory but part of the process. Making it white is where the necessity lies. As a painter, you must understand that the surface you are painting on has to have a bright color before making any artistic painting. Also, the color of the surface has to suit most of your paints, and white suits all the colors.

So, get white spray paint, place the champagne bottle in a suitable position and spray paint every part that needs it. This is applicable if you are painting the exterior or interior part of the champagne bottle.

Paint and Design the Champagne Bottle However You Want It

This is the main point where you actualize your creativity. You can use acrylic paint or spray paint to design the champagne bottle. Also, you can either paint the bottle from the inside or paint the exterior part of it. It all depends on what you have in mind.

Painting the bottles interior might be tricky, as you must use spray paints. Make your designs with paper or masking tapes inside the bottle. Then, use spray paint to spray inside the bottle. Afterward, take the papers or tape off and behold your design.

Painting the exterior of the bottle is where you have the liberty to use acrylic or spray paints. For acrylic paints, get your brush, get the paint on it and start designing your champagne bottle. For spray paints, get the spray paint and spray it on the parts where you need it to be. Apply any design technique that you want to make it come out beautiful.

Allow the Paint to Dry

Usually, acrylic paints take more time to dry than spray paints. Spray paints might dry within a few minutes and stick to a surface, but acrylic paints might take days before they are completely dry. If you dont let the paint dry before handling the bottle, you might ruin a beautiful work. So, keep the bottle out so it can get dry quickly.

Tips to Make Your Champagne Bottle Paint Last Longer

Painting on a champagne bottle might not last as long as you want. However, there are tips that you can take that can make the paints on your champagne bottle last longer.

  • Make sure the bottle is opaque before painting.
  • Make sure the bottle is clean and completely dry before painting.
  • Dont use emulsion or oil paints on champagne bottles. Use spray or acrylic paints.
  • Allow the paint to dry on the bottle before handling it.

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Painting champagne bottles can give you a beautiful interior design, but you must do it right. You cannot use every kind of paint on a bottle because just a few of them can stick to a bottle. So I need to know how to paint a champagne bottle. You have to make the bottle clean first, spray the bottle white, and then paint the bottle whatever looks you want it to have.

Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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