How to Paint Trim with Spray Gun?

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Randy Charles
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If you are a painter, you can save time and money by getting a spray gun. Once you learn how to paint trim with spray gun and do it, you will realize how convenient it is. Paintbrushes are messy, slow, and require constant cleaning between steps of a project. Paint rollers are quick and ideal for producing thick coats of paint. Unfortunately, reloading rollers with paint is a chore. The ultimate solution for you is a spray gun.

Can You Paint Trim with A Paint Sprayer?

You can use the best sprayer for trim work and do an excellent job. There are things you need to remember as you use the spray equipment. Wearing your protective gear like safety glasses, gloves, a dust mask, and a hat is vital.

Can You Paint Trim With A Paint Sprayer

Secondly, ensure there is free air circulation and do what you can to prevent a potential hazard. Depending on the brand of spray gun you have, the mist can get everywhere and drag in the air.

Therefore, cover the floor with rosin paper and masking tape. Find a way to cover your doors and windows. After that, you will access the trim directly. A gun for spraying trim works faster and creates a negligible mess.

Tools Required to Paint a Trim

When looking to paint trim, make sure you have all the necessary tools. Whether your project will be simple or difficult, ensure you have the following tools:

  • A high-quality and reliable paint sprayer
  • Paint
  • Two empty buckets
  • Spray tips
  • Masking tape
  • Paint strainer bag
  • Plastic sheeting or tarps
  • Stir sticks
  • Spray shield
  • Rags
  • Safety gear
  • Stiff-bristled nylon brushes
  • Magnum tip extension or ladder
  • More airless hose sections (not necessary)
  • Paintbrush (not mandatory)
  • Fine sandpaper.

Remember that each project is unique and might call for extra tools we have not listed above. For now, you can do a thorough trim painting job with these tools. Some people prefer to do touch-ups with a paintbrush, and it is okay.

Pros And Cons of Paint Sprayers

To paint faster, get the best handheld paint sprayer. Choosing the correct paint sprayer for trim and door can be confusing. Before buying the sprayer, here are the pros and cons of having one.

Pros And Cons Of Paint Sprayers

The pros

  • Quicker painting time – A paint sprayer gun works faster than a typical paintbrush or paint roller. One coat only can be enough when using a paint sprayer because it creates droplets of paint that splash onto the surface. Experts say that each long stroke saves you fifteen to thirty seconds. When painting a large surface with a spray gun, you can finish faster than when using a traditional painting tool.
  • No paint runs – When dealing with thick paint, you had better spray it to avoid runs. Paint runs can ruin your outcome and give you a second job of removing them. Additionally, a spray gun reaches the corners faster than a brush or roller.
  • Paint dries fast – Another advantage is that paint dries faster than when you roll or brush it. Shorter drying times mean you can do another coat after about an hour.
  • Produces even results –A spray gun will generate better results without a hassle. If you know how to paint trim with spray gun, the outcome will be more even. When the sprayer blends paint with the air, it lets out paint uniformly over the trim.

The cons

  • More preparation time – Before painting the trim, door, wall, or any other area with a spray gun, you need to prepare well. Besides moving out the pieces of furniture you have in the room, you must cover the whole floor with plastic sheeting or paper. Cover any remaining furniture with your tarp. Even when working in sections, you must use a drop cloth.
  • You need more paint – We love that you can paint a trim faster with a spray gun. While it saves you time, a spray gun uses more paint. You will require a whole can of paint more or an extra half can of paint when using a spray gun than using a brush or roller. It all depends on where you are painting. If it is outside and the day is windy, your spray gun will use an extra can of paint. You can use even more paint if you do not understand how to paint trim with spray gun.
  • Cleaning the sprayer – A sprayer requires thorough cleaning after use and when you change paint. Although brushes and rollers need cleaning, the process is faster. In contrast, you must clean the spray gun as the manufacturer recommends.

How To Paint Trim with Spray Gun?

Armed with all the necessary tools, spraying trim with airless sprayer should be an easy task. Do the following preparation tasks.

How To Paint Trim With Spray Gun

  • De-clutter the room – If you have furniture in the room you want to paint, remove it. Heavy furniture can be inconvenient to remove and restore in a couple of days. So, push it to the middle of the room and cover it well with a tarp. Decluttering the room will leave enough space for your tools and yourself.
  • Protect surfaces – Even if the best airless paint sprayer for trim is less messy, you need to protect the surrounding surfaces. Use your masking tape and protective paper to cover the wall surfaces next to the trim. Also, cover the areas of the floor that are nearest to the trim and door. Cover the door and window panes because you only want to paint the trim.
  • Inspect the trim – Before you start painting the trim, make sure it has no holes or cracks. These can ruin the outcome if you do not fill them with putty. Sand down all rough areas with fine sandpaper.
  • Clean the trim – To have the best outcome, paint over clean surfaces. Use a rag to clean the whole trim. In addition, sand the surface using fine sandpaper and wipe again to eliminate dust. Doing so will enable the paint to adhere to the surface.

After completing the preparation procedure, you are ready to paint the trim. Follow these steps:

  • Choose the best spray tip for your paint and trim. Read your Sprayer Operation Manual to know the right spray tip’s hole size.
  • Grab an empty 5-gallon bucket and pour your paints inside it. That works if you are using different cans of paint at once. Mix them before spraying.
  • Next, spray the trim using long and even strokes. Also, maintain about eight to twelve inches between the trim and the spray tip. A higher setting is okay when using paint than when applying a stain. Stains tend to be lighter, and you can only maintain an even spray pattern with a lower pressure setting.

At this point, you can move to other steps on how to paint trim with sprayer gun. These are about cleaning up your spray gun. Do the following:

  • Do not remove the masking tape until the trim paint or stain dries up completely. Once the trim is all dried up, it will result in clean, hard lines.
  • Safely remove all the floor and wall covering. Even the furniture you placed in the middle of your room is safe.
  • Take the other clean bucket and wash your paint sprayer for interior trim. The Sprayer Operation Manual will explain how to clean the equipment. If you cannot use the bucket method, you must do power flush cleaning. Remove the clog build-up. Start by pointing the gun tip at a wood scrap and squeeze the trigger until you remove debris. Inspect the hose attachments and other internal spraying components to ascertain that they are fine.
  • Finish the exercise and store the paint sprayer.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure you aerate and ventilate the room where you want to do painting work.
  • Thinning paint ensures proper consistency. Do not use your paint without doing this step.
  • Wear your safety gear when using your small paint sprayer. A mask and respirator will protect you from breathing in the chemicals in the paint.
  • Get a piece of wood and use it for testing. Set the gadget to release the lowest amount of paint first. After that, adjust its tip or nozzle to spray more paint. Once you achieve the spray volume you want, now paint the trim.
  • Apply several thin coats of paint with your gun because each layer will dry fast.
  • Keep the spray gun about 8 to 12 inches away from the surface. Also, keep your wrist still as you work the trim.
  • Each time you need to add paint to the paint storage area, grab the chance to run clean water through the sprayer. Doing so will help unclog the tip.
  • Read the Sprayer Operators Manual if unsure of how to use your new paint sprayer.


If you want to paint your trim all by yourself, the first thing you need is a paint sprayer gun. Next, make sure you know how to paint trim with spray gun. We have explained the most crucial steps on doing it right in this article. Follow them to finish your DIY painting work successfully. You will discover that a spray gun is more reliable.

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Randy Charles
Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as a painter earlier in my professional career. There is simply nothing about painting that I didn’t do as a painter. From painting a fridge to a multi-storied building, I left nothing. I retired from my painting job in the mid of 2018 due to back arthritis problems.

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