How to Paint Your Toenails when You’re Fat?

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Randy Charles
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There is just something relaxing and beautiful about pedicure, but painting your nails when you are not flexible can be one hell of a task. How to paint your toenails when you are fat is a question that lingers on the mind of most plus-sized women, but not enough answers are provided to tackle this problem. Most plus-size or obese women end up either doing a messy job while trying to do their pedicure on their own or injure themselves in the process.

It is challenging to apply paint to one’s toenails if every part of their body keeps getting in the way. Because painting your toenails by yourself requires you to bend over, this requires a good amount of flexibility and energy without obstruction in reaching down to your toenails. This poses a problem to plus-size people and even a pregnant lady. Below are tips that were created to help keep your feet in shape while saving you the cost of hiring a professional nail technician at a nail salon or struggling through doing it yourself.

Is It Bad to Paint My Toenails?

If you want to maintain your toenail, then you should consider caring for your toenail adequately. Most people think that painting toenails are a waste of time and money, but they are wrong because one needs to adequately care for every part of their body, including their feet. It maintains the beauty of the toes and serves the purpose of protection. The art you show on your toenail identifies your fashion sense and style.

Is It Bad to Paint Your Toenails

Toenail Painting: Why Should You Do It?

There are several reasons you should consider painting your toenails. By painting your toenail, your foot looks more attractive and charming. Anyone can appear more elegant by painting them, especially if you prefer open-toed shoes.

When you paint your toenails, you are able to check the general health of your feet as well. Examining will keep you alerted to any issues you need to address. If your toenails look discolored or have fungi, consult your physician.

Another reason to consider painting your toenail is because of ease. The toenail is much easier to paint when compared to the fingernail, because you don’t need to worry about your hands. You can decide to paint your toenail by yourself without looking for help. You don’t have to struggle with one hand to make a perfect design. Moreover, you get to paint your toenails in the comfort of your home.

How to Paint My Toes When I am Overweight?

You can paint your toenails by yourself and create that beautiful look with the befitting colors and design you desire. Before painting your toenails, it’s ideal for preparing using the steps below to achieve a perfect result. To prepare your toenails for painting, try the following:

How to Paint Your Toenails when You Are Fat

  • Prepare Your Space Well: Find a the best place for you to work and sit with a firm surface in front of you, something heavy that won’t move or budge while you work. The aim is to rest your foot against it or on it, depending on what surface you provide. Practice reaching towards your foot to ensure you can do it without much discomfort or difficulty. Increase the distance as you stretch each time gradually while making sure you repeat the motion. This technique will help you to reach a little further each time. Pregnant women should adopt a cross-legged style sitting position on a sofa or any comfortable surface to bring each foot closer to you.
  • Smooth Away Rough Skin: Skins get drier and more rigid as we get older because sweat glands become less active. Before you wet your feet, use a foot file to smooth away the rough skin on your heels. If you experience some discomfort while using a short foot file, you can easily switch to a longer one, requiring you to stand for a short while. Beautifully painted nails look better when the feet are clean and smooth.
  • Soak Your Feet: This step is the most enjoyable and most effortless of the steps. Fill a large basin with warm water up to your ankles and add some skin softening bath salts to make it pleasurable and relieve stress. This step helps to remove dry cuticles and prepare your nails for trimming and shaping. Allow your legs to remain in the bowl for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Dry Your Leg with a Towel: One foot can be left in the water to keep softening if possible while your towel dries the other one. Dry well with a towel. Your foot is easier to work with when adequately dried.
  • Remove Any Old Polish: This is the time to remove old paints if there are any. Soak cotton pads in your nail polish solution and wrap them around your toes, or you can also move the cotton in circular motions on each toenail to get rid of old polish. If you experience discomfort while doing this, get something long and attach cotton pads to them so you can remove old polish from your toenails.
  • Shape Your Nails: By now, your nails and feet should be feeling soft. Now is the time to trim your toenails and cuticles. Applying oil or petroleum jelly to the nails and skin can help soften them and prepare them for trimming, as hard nails make trimming difficult You can trim toenails in a straight line or an almost straight line to help avoid them becoming ingrown. If you are experiencing any difficulty while trimming your nails, you can opt for long-handled toenail clippers, which means you do not need to bend over as far while working.
  • Paint: You deserve a pat on the back for working your way down to the last stage. Try sitting back with your foot pressed up against something sturdy, and try slowly to reach your toes and apply your nail paint. How to paint your toenails when fat should not be considered a problem anymore if these steps are followed.

How to Paint Your Nails when at Home?

Being able to paint your toenails shows how creative you can be with yourself and art. You don’t need to go to a cosmetics store to get it done. You can paint your toenails in the comfort of your home.

There are different color ranges of nail polish to choose from that match your mood or occasion. This article gives you the process of getting your toenails done by yourself; you don’t need to visit a manicure shop anymore.

How to Paint Your Nails when at Home

  • Choose a nail polish — After you have prepared your toenails for painting, you can choose a nail polish of your choice. Color choices are very diverse, so choose a color that suits your choice.
  • Apply primer– Applying primer before the nail polish on your toenail will enable the nail polish to last longer. It will also remove excess moisture.
  • Apply toe separators — These are mainly used to avoid any mistakes encountered during applying paints, such as smudging the nail polish smearing one toenail over another.
  • Rotate the brush in the bottleneck to remove the excess base coat and make the brush skinny.
  • Apply nail polish — Using the tip of the brush, apply on the free edge in one swiping motion. Apply the nail polish on the toenail. Most nail polish will require two or three coats to ensure the surface is smith and well coated.
  • Drying the polish — Allow the polish to dry before taking off the toe separators. Ensure that each coat of nail polish completely dries off.
  • Clean up any mistakes —  This can be done using a tiny amount of cotton wool dipped in your nail polish remover. Work your way around the edges of the nail to remove any unwanted or excess nail polish. Now you can get a sandal-ready foot, a foot allured by everyone, and a task carried out by you no matter how curvy, pregnant, or inflexible you are.


If you are thinking of how to paint your toenails when you are fat, this is ideal for you. Perfectly painted nails tell others a lot about a girl or person’s mood, personality, style, level of artistry, and more. It comments on their life without using words. When asking, “How can I paint my toes?” you now know the answer.

Randy Charles
Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as a painter earlier in my professional career. There is simply nothing about painting that I didn’t do as a painter. From painting a fridge to a multi-storied building, I left nothing. I retired from my painting job in the mid of 2018 due to back arthritis problems.

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