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Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as...Read more

Randy Charles
Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as...Read more

How to Remove House Paint from Car?

Randy Charles
Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as...Read more

Imaging changing the paints or remodeling your house or workplace, patches of color drop their way into your car during the painting process. Well, it is a widespread occurrence that so many people have faced. It happens due to the most unlikely variables that are beyond human control. Stains of house paints on a car are discouraging, especially on an expensive, new, or recently serviced car, and you don’t know how to remove house paint from car.

Yeah! It can be frustrating. You might decide to get your car painted afresh, which is relatively very expensive. Or you can choose to fix the problem yourself, which is rather tasking, overwhelming, and sometimes time-consuming. While at that, you need patience. Also, getting the right products to use is an added advantage. I will highlight some of the processes in this article.

Is It Possible to Remove House Paint from a Car?

It is possible to remove car paints from a car as it requires little patience and mild labour. There is no rocket science in removing the paint stains. You do not need to repaint your car if you discover paints stains. All you need is the right products that are easily affordable and accessible. There are various ways to remove house paints from cars. This article will show you a simple way.

How to Remove House Paint from Car?

You can follow up on removing house paint from your car. All you need to do is follow the appropriate steps or guidelines listed. Having a clean vehicle is everyone’s desire. But, there are unplanned accidents that may happen. As for house paints, do not fright because you can have your cars back anew if you follow these easy steps.

How To Remove House Paint From Car

Mark the Damaged Area

The first process in removing house paint from the car is to mark the affected area carefully. Keeping a mark will guarantee that you don’t miss out on removing any bit of colour from the vehicle. Ensure to use masking tape or paint to draw the affected area to protect the areas not affected from the substances used to remove the paint splatters from the car.

Use Alcohol-Based Cleaning Liquid

The recommended house paint remover from cars is alcohol-based. It can be inflammable. Ensure to protect your hands and face during use adequately. Get a clean hand towel or cotton cloth, apply a little denatured alcohol or another alcohol-based cleanser on the already marked damaged surface. The marked area where the alcohol-based cleaner is used will be saturated and gummy.

Allow the alcohol to evaporate after some minutes. Then get a plastic knife or scraper that is not too sharp to remove the original car paint. If some colour remains, repeat steps until it wipes off. Ensure to do this in an enclosed place away from sunlight. Ensure to wash the affected area with soap and water. This procedure is to avoid further damage from the remaining chemicals.

Use an Oil-Based Cleanser

An alternative to using an alcohol cleanser is the oil-based cleanser. You can easily find this cleanser in any grocery store. Oil-based cleaners are usually used to remove adhesives and sticky substances. Apply the product to the affected marked area, and allow to dry thoroughly. Get a fresh cotton towel or cloth to wipe off the cleanser. Oil-based cleansers have minimal or no damage on the surface of the car.

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Other Methods on How to Remove House Paint from Car

Water and Soap Remedy

If you discover house paint on your car, you can quickly adopt the Water and Soap Remedy. It would be best to consider a DIY hack first in removing fresh house paint from your vehicle. However, this remedy works better on not-yet-dried color. Weather is also a determinant here in this process. Paints dry faster in hot temperatures and slower in sweltering temperatures.

Water And Soap Remedy

Your first step is to run a fingerprint over the paint in such a case. Suppose the house paint comes off effortlessly. Thereafter, get your soap and water to work. First, get a bucket, pour some water and soap, and mix. It is preferable to use warm water. Get a clean cotton towel or material. By all means, avoid using dirty fabric or towels because they can cause more damage to your car.

Soak your towel or cloth in the water, squeeze the water out a little bit of and start cleaning up. It is advisable to pick an edge to start. Do not use force as it won’t bring the paint off your car. Move the towel gently on the car surface. Do not hurry to finish up and therefore rub the paint at once. It will be sludgy and challenging to come off if you do so. You will have to spend more time cleaning your car.

Ensure to rinse the towel or fabric at minor intervals. Clean a little, rinse the towel, do this continuously to remove paint stains. When you discover that all the house paint is gone, gently clean it for the last time with another clean and dry towel. Then you allow it to dry. This process leaves your car with no blemishes. You can achieve this result if no pressure is applied while cleaning.

The Use of Lacquer Thinner

When the paint dries before discovering the stain, water and soap remedy or nail polish remover won’t be effective. A more robust solution will be more effective. A lacquer thinner helps straighten up polishes on timber and get house paints off a car. The procedure is straightforward.

The Use Of Lacquer Thinner

Get a clean cotton towel, and keep some warm water handy. Apply a little thinner to the clean towel or fabric. Then start cleaning the stained parts in small portions gently. After some time, you will discover the car paint will begin to come off. Quickly, use the warm water to wash it off the worked area not to deteriorate your car paint.

The Use of Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is another option to remove house paint from the car. Nail polish can e an opportunity when all others have been exhausted. Buy a non-acetone-based nail polish remover. Acetone can leave rough scratches on your automobile, so be careful. The first thing to do is get your nail polish remover and clean cotton clothing. Fold the cloth into a small piece, dab it with nail polish remover and start cleaning. If your car paint starts coming off, stop and wash with water.

The Use Of Nail Polish Remover

The Use of Gasoline

Another means of removing house paint from cars is the use of gasoline. This chemical is easily accessible and very cheap. It works virtually like the nail polish remover. Dab a piece of cotton fabric in a gasoline solution. Gently use it to rub the affected area. Go not exert much pressure, so your paint doesn’t come off. Then wash off the affected area immediately to avoid further gasoline damage.

What to Be Aware of when You Remove House Paint from Car?

It is essential to note that removing house paint from cars varies. Pick a process that suits you. Before starting any paint removal processes, it is critical to clean your vehicle before doing these paint removal techniques. Small dust and debris, when rubbed, can leave scratches on the surface of your car.

What To Be Aware Of When You Remove House Paint From Car

Ensure to be attentive when applying strong solvents and solutions. They might harm your vehicle’s paint, which can become another problem on your part. Apply minimum force when rubbing your car surface. Avoid the use of force for more unprepared damages. Be careful how you drive and keep your cars away from any house paint.

Examples of highly recommended house removal are; heavy-duty degreasers, rubbing alcohols, wax, goo gone, and acetone. There is a probability that some of these products might damage the original car paint or exterior. Thus, be cautious when carrying out the processes. Do not be scared when next you find house paints on your car. Read and follow any methods; your car will be New Age.


Knowing how to remove house paint from car should be easy for you if you follow the tips suggested in this review. Simply follow the recommendations and you will be on your way to removing house paint from your cars like a pro. It is no rocket science and you don’t supper power. You can do it if you want to.

Randy Charles
Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as a painter earlier in my professional career. There is simply nothing about painting that I didn’t do as a painter. From painting a fridge to a multi-storied building, I left nothing. I retired from my painting job in the mid of 2018 due to back arthritis problems.

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