How to Remove Spray Paint from Eyeglasses?

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Knowing how to remove spray paint from eyeglasses is a skill that can be helpful, even if you do not need to do it now. With a few tips in the right direction, you can be on your way to knowing how to get this done expertly.

Whether you need this skill at the moment or not, this guide helps you navigate the process of learning how to remove spray paint from eyeglasses in simple steps. Read on

As you already know, when painting, you risk getting paint on your clothes and even your eyeglasses. Learning how to remove these pesky marks will put your mind at ease as you go about your painting activity. If you get paint on your eyeglasses, you can use things to remove them that are readily available. Read on, and you will find out.

To remove spray paint from your eyeglasses, you’d need the following:

  • Soft, clean clothes
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Ammonia-based cleaner

Thankfully, these are all readily available in your home, and you can quickly source if you don’t.

Let me briefly explain the functions of those materials for removing spray paint from your eyeglasses.

  • Soft clean clothes – You can use soft cloths to wipe off the paint on your glasses’ plastic frame and lens. A soft cloth can be your baby’s wet wipes, cotton shirt or soft rag. You must be careful when wiping spray paint off the eyeglass lens to avoid scratching and damaging the lens. For this, I recommend that you use cotton balls.
  • Warm water – Warm water will help soften the paint, especially when it cakes and dries on the glasses frame or the lens. Soaking the glasses in warm water for a few minutes is also a good idea, softening any paint that might be stubborn or stick in tiny spaces.
  • Dish soap – When your glasses get marked during the painting job, you can use your kitchen Dish soap and clean it well. Dish soap will also act well when mixed with warm water, as this would help remove the stubborn spray paint that may hide in spaces in your eyeglasses. Dish soap also goes hand in hand with warm water. If you mix both, you will get your glasses cleaned faster, and you won’t have to worry about how to remove spray paint from your eyeglasses if it happens next time.
  • Ammonia-based cleaner – Ammonia is an excellent choice for removing spray paint from your eyeglasses as it is very fast in breaking down the paint’s components. You can then clean with soft wet rags. Ammonia is especially good for water-based paints and will easily take off the spray paint from eyeglasses.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Eyeglasses?

After doing a thorough paint job, it can be a real bummer when you realize that your favourite glasses are about to be ruined by paint. Do not panic; you can get that stubborn stain out with simple DIY remedies at your disposal.

How To Remove Spray Paint From Eyeglasses

You can remove spray paint using dish soap, warm water, soapy water, ammonia, or alcohol. You can allow your eyeglasses to soak in soapy water for a few minutes and then take them out and dry them with soft clothes.

Alternatively, you can use alcohol to clean your eyeglass lens if marked by spray paint. Be careful, though, so that the alcohol doesn’t blur the lens.

Don’t worry about How to remove spray paint from eyeglasses. Below are some things that can aid you in removing paint efficiently from your eyeglass.

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– Do you know that Vinegar can be used to remove paint from eyeglasses? Just fill a small bowl with warm water and add two spoons of vinegar; use a cotton cloth to dip in the mixture and wipe the glasses.

Rinse the glasses with cold water, and voila! Your glasses are as good as new.

Rubbing alcohol Removes Paint from Glasses; this is one of the most effective ways to remove paint from your glasses.

You will need to get a small spray bottle; your empty, used perfume bottle can come in handy here. Just fill it with 3/4 rubbing alcohol; you can then add some tiny drops of washing soap.

Top up the rest of the bottle with water, and you have a powerful cleaner. Spray away at your glasses as much as needed and get your glasses sparkling clean.

Use a soft cloth after spraying with the solution of rubbing alcohol to wipe the glass and the frames. There are also other alternatives which I will highlight below.

Mineral spirits can be used to remove paint from glasses and are a somewhat underrated powerful cleaner. You are more likely to reach for other cleaners when removing paint from glasses. But, Mineral spirit is a by-product of petroleum products and a powerful stain remover. It can tackle some of the difficult stains in your home and on your glasses.

Mineral spirit can break down VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOC), making it an excellent choice for removing spray paint from glasses.

Rub gently with soft cloths around the frame and lens of your glasses, and it will effectively get the paint out.

– Acetone removes spray paint from glasses. If your sisters or daughters use nail polish, then they have nail polish remover, and those are acetone-based.

Remember, I told you that you don’t need to fret about How to remove spray paint from eyeglasses, as you probably have the material to remove it readily available.

Take a soft cloth and soak in the acetone solution; let the fabric absorb the solution, then gently rub it on your glasses. Your glasses should be good as new after this.

Always use soft fabrics; using fabrics that contain lint can cause scratches on your glass lens.

What Should Be Avoided when Removing Paint from Glasses?

Every good thing has a disadvantage; this also applies to removing spray paint from glasses. You should avoid certain things when attempting to remove spray paint from your valuable glasses.

What Should Be Avoided When Removing Paint From Glasses

If you do not avoid these things, you may end you causing more damage to your glasses, which is not something you want.

Choosing the right cleaner for your eyeglass is very important because sometimes you can select harsh solvents that can leave scratch marks on them.

I list four things you should avoid when removing paint from glasses.

I will list four things you should avoid when removing paint from glass:

Things You Should Avoid When Removing Paint From Glass

Do not use lint cloths- Avoid clothes that contain lint to avoid scratching your glasses’ surfaces.

The best fabric texture will always be soft cloths that are cotton-made. Lint will most likely damage your glasses, so do not use them and go for something more delicate.

Do not rub your glasses on your clothes- This is a common mistake. Once we notice that smudge on our glasses, we take them and rub them on our clothes.

This is an action that can damage the glasses because most of the time, dust and dirt have settled on our clothes; these dust particles can scratch the lens of the glass.

Instead, get a cotton fabric specially dedicated to cleaning the glass.

Do not use your spit to clean your glasses- Spit is gross, don’t use it to clean something you’re going to wear near your eyes. Also, saliva does no good other than making bacteria accumulate on your glass frame.

Use warm water mixed with a little kitchen soap to clean your glasses thoroughly.

Do not use harsh chemicals to remove paint from your glasses- Harsh chemicals will not only cause scratches on your glasses but may also erode the plastic or metal framework. This is not something you want for your precious expensive glasses.

Harsh chemicals can also remove the colour of your glasses frame and make them dull and unattractive.


When we get paint on our eyeglasses, we usually won’t want it to happen again. So, take your glasses off when doing your spray paint job, or wear protective goggles that you can wear over your glasses.

Don’t let a little spray paint stop you from enjoying the excitement of spraying your favourite car or wall. You must prepare the materials to clean your eyeglass if you get spray paint on them.

So, when you are next thinking of How to remove spray paint from eyeglasses, refer to this article, and you won’t have to be afraid of marking your lenses during work.

Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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