Randy Charles
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Randy Charles is the owner of PaintCentric.com, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years...Read more

Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of PaintCentric.com, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years...Read more

List of Interior Paint Colours that Go with Red Bricks

Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of PaintCentric.com, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years...Read more

Most keen homeowners now know that apart from red bricks for exterior designs, it is now very much beautifying for interior home designs. Many, however, are asking for what interior paint colors that go with red bricks. Red bricks can be naturally beautiful for interior building designs as it looks good in various styles from modern buildings to old barn house styles. It’s a unique design that stands out among other relatable like woods, stones, or tiles.

Red bricks on interiors, utilized in the right way, can practically transform the looks of a small area apartment or barn house, having an occupation feel to a beautiful home. But there’s something. If you have decided to design the internal part of your building with red brick, there’s no evading; it can affect every other design feature.

And you will want to blend the right paint colors that give you just the perfect choice of home color and beauty. That’s why knowing what interior paint colors that go with red bricks is very necessary.

Is Your Interior Brick New or Existing?

If you have concluded on using red bricks to design your internal home, then you have to organize some things. To ease the design of your home with red bricks, you have to consider some factors.

Is Your Interior Brick New Or Existing

If from the onset, there’s a red brick design in your home interior, then the step is a bit easier. You only have to find paint colors that match the bricks. If, however, you are on the way to placing bricks in your room, then you have more flexibility to build the perfect look you want. But with such flexibility comes work. You’ll need to select the bricks type and the paint color that go hand in hand for a better outcome and color beauty.

Expert Hint: You can go to a masonry brick builder in your area to get different red brick samples. Let’s clear this. The term “red bricks” doesn’t mean all red it comes in various colors very red ones, almost purple ones, veneer bricks, whitewash bricks, and more. So, you’ll be asking the masonry for different color samples.

More than just selecting with pictures, it’s advisable to get hands-on solid samples to assess them with natural lights. The looks of virtual bricks in photos are far different from the real-life bricks. Sunlight reflections and shadows will impact how it looks in the home.

Test different samples of brick types, placing them in your house for a few days on different spots (walls, floors, and ceilings) to see how it appears in different lightings morning, afternoons, and nights. Don’t pay a dime for purchase till you discover the most fitting red brick for your building. After that, the next step is selecting the paint color that matches the red brick type of your choice.

List of Interior Paint Colors that Go with Red Bricks

Interior red brick designs are beautiful and beautiful but with the appropriate paint colors. If you’ve been searching for the right interior paint colors that go with red bricks, there’s something you need to know.

List Of Interior Paint Colors That Go With Red Bricks

The color of red bricks is a typically neutral tone. To result in a stunning interior design, you have to consider using colors that are lighter or darker in tone than the neutral red bricks. If you paint with any other neutral tone colors, it can appear muddy. Here are some colors you can consider for your home design:

  • Gray: Because grays are lighter in color feel, they are balanced options to complement red bricks. The neutral tone will go with almost-purple color bricks.
  • Purple: The purple paint color falls on the darker color range. Red bricks are mid-tone color, but purple is darker tone color. As it will make the bricks look attractive in your room, purple is a good option with red bricks.
  • Orange: Red brick with orange paint color can be a warm design looks especially when blended with modernly used colors like gray or tan. You can also complement it with woodworks of blue, sage green, turquoise, and cherry brown. All these colors are darker or lighter than the center red brick. Therefore, it’ll bring out the beauty of the red bricks you select.

20 Examples of Interior Paint Colors that Go with Red Brick

As mentioned earlier, selecting the appropriate paint colors can help in improving the beauty of your internal home design. Finding the right paint colors for bricks can sometimes be tricky, but observing the beautiful designs others have done will make it easy. Getting your hands on different red bricks home designs will improve the beauty you get in your home.

Examples Of Interior Paint Colors That Go With Red Brick

Below are some interior home designs samples you can refer to:

  • Desert Heaven:If you’re one of those who love that sunny look of the Sahara desert, then you can tweak your red bricks interior design with yellow paints and yellow light bulbs.
  • Nature’s kitchen:You want a natural look. The kitchen owner, here, used the red bricks as a backsplash and complemented the brown wooden countertop with green flowers. Green is one way to add nature.
  • Bright Room:White is one color that brightens up a room and reflects sunlight easily. The walls, made of bricks, are painted and white tiles.
  • Calm light:While some like bright rooms, others love it calm. The lamp holders of ceilings bulbs are black to balance the brightness that the white walls and ceilings reflect.
  • Colorful Gray:wall with gray painted bricks. To make the gray not too plain but colorful, the owner added red and white chairs and brown-orange chairs.
  • More Bricks:You want more red bricks. This house owner used red bricks on the wall, then brightened it with a white curtain and three white pillows.
  • Bricks Room:You love it all red bricks. The walls are bricks. But to avoid it looking too plain, the owner tweaked it with a silver lamp and white carpet on the brown slab.
  • Spotlight Room:Look at the silver-coated white bulb and the white-painted brick wall. The bulb (spotlight) points down the lower part of the room, leaving the upper part of the room calm looking
  • Office home:This style is beneficial to workers who stare at computers for hours and take a break from bright features. While the wall and desk are dark tones, only the little clock and tea mug are white
  • Anniversary dining:This picture can remind one of a dinner date or wedding anniversary. There are varieties of red bricks on the wall, smooth light-brown wooden tables, black chairs, and yellow light bulbs.
  • Family base:Here, multiple colors of whitewash bricks cover the wall, and a dark brown table is present. The reflection of light from the whitewash bricks brightens the room “happy!”. Bright-colored homes can sometimes attribute to, ” happy family.”
  • Cream library:Among all the paint colors, the cream is one of the best that goes with red bricks.
  • The Board Room:With a dark ceiling, red bricks wall, and a long brown glossy table, it’s like a business room.
  • Photoshoot:One sidewall has red bricks while the others are painted white. The two white light bulbs directing the black chair may remind one of a photoshoot.
  • Night Kitchen:The cabinets are turquoise colored; a bit, it darkens the kitchen.
  • Bright Library:The library owner lightened the room with white painted brick walls and added color with the orange chair and red table.
  • Reception:Red bricks are typically used for decorating receptions. Look at the white paint outline around the entrance door. Also, red bricks covered some parts of the wall.
  • The adventure spot:Just a glance at this, one may remember a movie where the actors/actresses are on conquest, and they have to pass through a tunnel. From the rear comes a reflection of yellow light to beautify the red bricks.
  • The exquisite:A dark red brick outline is around the door-like area. The long brown table adds to the splendor and royal appearance.
  • Light Green To Touch:The room, plastered with whitewash bricks, is bright. And there’s a touch of light green cushion to spice it up.

Does White Go with Red Brick?

Redbrick can be a perfect backsplash component. Many people assume interior red bricks look muddy, but they can create various home designs, including modern ones. Red bricks blended with white paint, and updated wood cabinets, steel home equipment, and cemented countertop can be very eyes pleasing. Because red bricks are darker, light paints (such as white) can create a stark contrast that’ll be very attractive.

Does White Go With Red Brick

Is Red Brick Out of Style?

From the 1990s till date, the surge of red bricks does not seem to die down. As it is more costly than wood or steel, in the market, it is in high demand. The continuous demand for it can be a primary indicator that it is widely accepted, and red is not out of style.

Does Agreeable Gray Go with Red Brick?

With a tinge of brown and violet and a neutral tone, agreeable gray SA denotes “calmness” or “warm.” Though it’s neutral, at least, it’s lighter-toned than red bricks. As a result of being lighter, it blends beautifully with red bricks, allowing the bricks to shine out.

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Final Words

If you want to design your interior building with red bricks masterfully, you’ll need to get acquainted with what interior paint colors go with red bricks. Plus, you’ve got to view the beautiful interior red brick home designs of others. Having both will arm you with the proper guidelines to produce better designs for your interior building.

Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of PaintCentric.com, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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