Purdy Marathon vs White Dove: Which Roller is Best

Purdy’s got two stars, the Marathon and the White Dove. Both are solid choices, but they have different strengths.

The Marathon is built to last. It’s like the sturdy workhorse of paint rollers. You can tackle big jobs and it won’t give up on you. On the flip side, White Dove is the artist, delivering smooth, flawless finishes. It loves all types of paint and doesn’t drop any lint your walls stay crisp and clean.

Let’s find your perfect match!

What is the Purdy Marathon?

The Purdy Marathon is a type of roller cover used for painting. It’s a popular tool among both professional painters and people who do their painting at home. The Marathon is known for its strong build and ability to work with different kinds of paint. This means you can use it for many painting jobs, from painting a living room wall to covering an outdoor deck.

One of the big pluses of the Purdy Marathon is how well it holds and releases paint. It can pick up a good amount of paint, which helps cover the surface evenly and saves time because you don’t need to keep dipping it in paint. The fabric of the Marathon is also made to last. It doesn’t wear out quickly, even with a lot of use.


  • Durability: known for its long lifespan, making it ideal for large projects.
  • Paint pick-up and release: excellent pick-up and release for increased productivity.
  • Finish: delivers a consistent, uniform finish.
  • Versatility: works well on both smooth and textured surfaces.
  • Spatter control: minimizes spatter for a cleaner painting experience.
  • Materials: made from a blend of nylon and polyester fibers.
  • Nap length options: available in a variety of nap lengths to suit different painting needs.
  • Price: more expensive than the White Dove.

Pros of using Purdy Marathon

  • Purdy Marathon roller covers are tough. They don’t wear out fast. You can use them for many paint jobs, and they still work great.
  • When you use the Marathon, your walls get a nice, even coat. It doesn’t leave weird marks or lines, just smooth paint every time.
  • This roller holds onto a lot of paint. That means you don’t have to keep dipping it in the paint tray all the time. Saves you effort and time.
  • Got a rough wall? Or maybe it’s super smooth? Doesn’t matter. The Purdy Marathon can handle different textures well.
  • After painting, cleaning rollers can be a pain, but not with this one. It’s easier to wash out all the paint, so you can use it again later.

cons of using Purdy Marathon

  1. Purdy Marathon roller covers cost more money than some other rollers. You have to spend extra.
  2. These rollers are great for some types of paint, but not perfect for others, like glossy or very thick paint. It doesn’t work the same with those.
  3. Can Shed: Even though it’s made strong, sometimes the Marathon loses bits of fiber onto your wall. Then you have to pick these out of the wet paint.

What is a White Dove?

The White Dove is a type of roller cover made for painting. It’s well-liked by both people who paint for a living and those who paint their own homes. What makes the White Dove special is its ability to give a smooth finish. This is great when you want your walls or ceilings to look neat and professional.

The White Dove roller cover is made with a high-density woven fabric. This design helps it to not leave any bits or fluff in the paint. So, when you use it, you get a clean, lint-free finish. It’s especially good for use with paints that need to look smooth and perfect, like on indoor walls or furniture.


  • Smooth finish: ideal for achieving a smooth, flawless finish on flat and eggshell paints.
  • Lint-free: sheds minimal lint, preventing imperfections in your paint job.
  • Paint release: excellent paint release for efficient and even application.
  • Spatter control: minimizes spatter for a cleaner painting experience.
  • Materials: made from a white woven fabric.
  • Nap length options: available in a variety of nap lengths to suit different painting needs.
  • Price: less expensive than the Marathon.

Pros of Purdy White Dove

  • Purdy White Dove rollers give your walls a super smooth look. No streaks or lines, just nice and even paint.
  • You got latex paint or oil-based? Doesn’t matter. White Dove handles all kinds of paint well.
  • When you paint with White Dove rollers, no pesky little fibers come off on the wall. It keeps your paint job looking clean.
  • This roller is not heavy. You can paint a lot and your arms won’t get tired. Makes painting easier for longer.
  • White Dove is great for getting into small spaces and edges. Helps you paint those tricky parts without mess-ups.

Cons of Purdy White Dove

  • Purdy White Dove rollers might not last as long as others. You might need a new one sooner if you paint a lot.
  • If your wall is bumpy or rough, White Dove might not be the best. It works better on smooth walls.
  • This roller doesn’t soak up a ton of paint. You may need to dip it more often, which can slow you down.

Purdy Marathon vs White Dove which is best?

Choosing between Purdy Marathon and White Dove depends on your painting needs. Both are good rollers, but they have different strengths.

Purdy Marathon is great for big painting jobs. It’s strong and lasts a long time. This roller works with all kinds of paint, so it’s versatile. If you’re painting a big area or need a roller that can handle different paints, Marathon is a solid choice. It’s also good for rough surfaces and outdoor projects. But, it was a bit more expensive.

White Dove, on the other hand, is best for when you want a smooth finish. It’s perfect for indoor walls and ceilings. The White Dove roller leaves no lint, so the surface looks very neat and professional. It’s especially good for delicate paints and smooth surfaces. If you’re focusing on how the paint looks and want a top-notch finish, go for White Dove. It might not be as tough as Marathon, but it gives a cleaner, smoother result.

If you need a roller for tough jobs and different paints, choose Purdy Marathon. But if you want a perfect, smooth finish on indoor surfaces, White Dove is the better pick.

Comparison Table for Purdy Marathon and White Dove 

FeaturePurdy MarathonWhite Dove
DurabilityVery durableModerate durability
FinishGood finishExcellent smooth finish
VersatilityGood for various paintsBest for smooth surfaces
Spatter ControlModerateHigh
PriceHigher pricedReasonably priced
Value for MoneyGood valueExcellent value


Purdy Marathon and White Dove rollers have their unique benefits. Purdy Marathon is great for big, tough jobs and works with all paints. White Dove gives a smoother finish, ideal for indoor walls. The choice depends on your project, budget, and what you like best. The right roller can make your painting project easier and give better results.


Which roller cover is more durable, Purdy Marathon or White Dove?

Purdy Marathon is more durable. It’s made for bigger, tougher painting jobs and can handle various types of paint. This makes it last longer, even with heavy use.

Can I use both Purdy Marathon and White Dove for indoor painting?

Yes, both can be used for indoor painting. Purdy Marathon is good for larger areas and tougher jobs, while White Dove is excellent for achieving a smooth, professional finish on indoor walls and ceilings.

Which roller cover is better for a smooth finish, Purdy Marathon or White Dove?

White Dove is better for a smooth finish. It’s designed specifically for smooth, lint-free painting, making it ideal for fine finishes on indoor surfaces like walls and furniture.

Is Purdy Marathon suitable for all types of paint?

Yes, Purdy Marathon is suitable for all types of paint. Its versatility allows it to work well with both oil-based and latex paints, making it a great all-rounder for various painting projects.

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