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Bricks homes are beautiful structures, but there comes a time when landlords might need to add some siding. Does your home require color combinations, or have you gone tired of having the same look? When you get your color combinations right, your home appeals to everyone.

When creating brick exterior designs, there are many ways to combine red brick and siding. This shows how good-looking your structures can be and increases their resale value. One of these ways is using red brick and siding combinations which gives an aesthetic look.

Pairing red bricks and siding combinations increases your house’s appeal to the envy of your neighbors. Your property will have a better look and increase its resale value.

Aside from the increase in the resale, some structural defects will be hidden on the red brick when you mix these combinations properly. This will be possible when your home gets a suitable red brick material.

This article will focus on various ideas on red brick and siding combinations and provide some splendid designs.

25 Ideas of Red brick and siding color combinations

There are many ideas of red brick and siding combinations available for homeowners. They include Tiramisu, a sage choice, a sage darker, warm sienna, colonial prestige, and be bold, amongst others.

Red Brick And Siding Color Combinations

Picking the right color combination will go a long way to defining a homeowner’s tastes and impact the resale value. Let’s discuss 25 Ideas of the color combinations you should consider when designing your home.

1. A Sage Choice

A Sage Choice

The idea comes to mind when seeking the best color siding that combines well with red brick. It uses different shades of colors which you will love.

You can pick the elegant malibu beach house style or a flashy hue. This house gives the right vibes with its sage green siding that can be seen.

Your choice of combining bricks and shingles shows you have got great taste. However, be careful with basements with colors that don’t match to avoid a dull look.

2. Pick Two

Pick Two

Some people need a more modern appearance with flashes of subdued coral, bringing a neat view when combined with brighter shades of red brick.

You can also use some siding to cap the look and provide your coral siding with a border. This idea has a good pair when picking the right color combinations for sidings.

This helps draw out a duller pink color and stops your house from being too dark. Dark homes don’t appeal to most people as they look haunted.

3. A Sage Darker

A Sage Darker

When choosing a dark siding, you get a more imposing brick house. This idea also reminds us of a mossy forest with beautiful oak trees.

Combining it with a wooded backdrop feels like an isolated cabin, even when you reside in a cul de sac.

You should also add a white trim which reduces the dark color. While dark colors are suitable, using them in the wrong proportion gives a bad vibe.

4. Warm sienna

Warm Sienna

This idea is when you combine brick and siding colors to get the desired look. When you want to use these combinations, check the style of your home to get better results.

This idea combines Pastel peach siding with red brick for better warmth. You get an elegant and off-center movement for the porch overhang.

You will notice a fairytale-like vibe that appeals to many people. Homeowners should consider subtle combinations like these to have a better feeling.

5. Two in one

Pastel Peach Siding With Red Brick

If you want to give your structure a unique border, the trick is siding the second story and letting the first be exposed.

This house owner has an extra structure, so they used a subtle grey color on the sidings and other exteriors. This makes the house more expressive and shows the true beauty of the house’s floors.

This idea is recommended for duplexes and mansions because it will make them stand out among the crowd.

6. Colonial Prestige

Colonial Prestige Home

This idea is an excellent example of how the appropriate siding beautifies your house. Choosing the grey-brown siding removes the nakedness that would have ensued.

The white columns around the wrapped porch make it more expressive than expected. The neutral coloring shows the modern nature of the home and retains its splendor.

This is a perfect fit for those who want something different from conventional styles.

7. Heart of the Home

Heart Of The Home

Brick structures are beautiful. However, the beauty is enhanced when it comes to contrast and accents. But don’t overuse the accents to maintain the color schemes.

For people who want to avoid too many accents, it’s advisable to use a color similar to the brick. This design shows the owner is a fan of a brown color for its entry points.

Changing the texture will appeal to visitors because it will be the main point of your home.

8. A Dash of Blue

A Dash Of Blue Home Exterior

Do you want to add layers to your home? This idea is a good option for every homeowner. When you combine well, it provides a better dimension and attracts people to your house.

The mild blue gives your home better dimensions which appeal to passersby. The siding shown in this structure makes it look stylish and in line with modern home designs.

Without the siding, this structure will look bland, irrespective of the style.

9. Look at my window

White Color Home Exterior

This shows a good combination of greystone roofing and siding. This siding not only lightens your home but shows the right window in your home.

The owner of this structure loves a trendy exterior and has maintained a beautiful flow by fixing sidings on the walls.

Those with flashy windows should use this siding because it comes with its appeal, and this idea lets you maintain a stylish outlook.

10. Black chic

Black Chic Exterior

A nice idea for those with black bricks scattered on their structures. The owner shows an elegant piece with natural brick and accent in this idea.

As can be viewed from the above house, the owner prefers a natural brick rather than just siding. This brick is accented in important areas, which brings out elegance.

To avoid being bland, it is splattered with fascia and window sashes.

11. Lift a Gift Box

Combination Of Grey Siding With Red Brick

This is a combination of grey siding with red brick. When you view your home, you are reminded of a creepy structure.

The combination reminds one of a wrapped gift, especially as the pale grey siding looks perfect. When painting the garage, the owner draws a brick line on the top floor.

It looks very creative and goes to show the taste of the homeowner. This combination shows a perfect combination because of the creativity displayed.

12. Just beachy

Dark Red Brick Home Exterior

The dark red brick idea shows how choosing the right color combination can make your home look beautiful. The tan on the brick makes it an excellent choice for most landowners.

This building reminds me of the structures at Miami beach. The choice of these colors by the owners shows how essential colors are, especially on the exterior.

The tan complimented the brick because the placed white popped up regularly.

13. Tiramisu


The choice of this idea shows a good compliment for red bricks. You get a delicious result when you look at the tan second sliding.

This home design offers a Conservative look, just leaving an open brick in the garage. You get a great feeling with these color combinations, and it induces an overall feeling of satisfaction.

With Tiramisu, the choice of siding color enhances the overall feel. The combination gives it a charm that makes it different from others.

14. Lighten Up

A House With Huge Windows With Great Appeal

This idea shows a house with huge windows with great appeal. Looking at the excellent yellow siding of the first floor, you will notice a unique vibe.

What makes this structure attractive is its huge Windows, and the owner knows how to draw attention to the building.

It works well with red brick and thick white mortar on the ground floor. This shows a bit of sunlight nestled in an avenue.

15. Be Bold

Modern Structure With Great Color Combinations

While it isn’t certain why many homeowners don’t love primary colors, with many opting for subdued shades, it is obvious they are underrated.

This bold choice idea shows a classic, modest, modern structure with great color combinations. This idea shows that a meter red combination can work, regardless of what is in vogue.

You can also see trim roofing materials, which show a classic style that appeals to onlookers.

16. Red, white, and brick color combinations

Red, White And Brick Color Combinations

This idea shows a unique color combination that can’t be matched. It complements deep siding shades, which can benefit homeowners.

You get something unique with the irregular color, making you fall in the middle of central. Many consider red bricks hard to match with other colors, but this idea proves otherwise.

Using these sidings seems to be a good suggestion, as seen above. The owner picks an intense red for its basement and white colors for dormers.

17. Try Tri-Tone

Red And Dark Brown Siding

These consist of three color combinations which show excellent results while mixing tan, red and dark brown siding. While many homeowners consider choosing two color combinations, this design shows excellent combinations.

You will notice that dormers have sidings that expose the house naturally to passersby. They can view the beauty of the house’s exterior easily.

This home shows that three color combinations are a good suggestion. When you view this house, it introduces you to other colors.

18. Brick Oasis

 Orange Brick House
orange brick house

This is a great combination for an orange brick house. Using blue on your house shows you have great taste in structure designs.

This house is installed with shades of blue that look beautiful. This is done to give the design a matching outlook. You get a serene color with blue, creating a nice meditation atmosphere.

Considering homes with average and dark red bricks is an excellent combination that creates a relaxing atmosphere. It creates a soothing choice for houses with pools.

19. Washed Out

Washed Out

Using white sidings is a great idea. However, when overused, it could be a problem. The glare it displays reduces its beauty. However, it shows an excellent vibe when used in the right proportions.

This home shows flashes of white splattered on the mortar. This displays an illusion between the red bricks around the house’s exterior. The roof is colored a mild grey which is a perfect choice for new homeowners.

You can paint colors that go with a red brick using white siding to get a clean vibe. This shows the desired effect on the general outlook of the house.

20. Upstanding Siding

Upstanding Siding

When choosing an idea that best serves one desire, using this combination is an option. Although the bricks look a bit obsolete and out-of-fashion, their unique design is what makes the siding an excellent choice.

You can notice that a neutral dark color adds a more classical vibe which is rare. It reminds me of the business structures in the Western world.

However, the color combination, especially at the sides, shows a good feeling, making it a great choice for homeowners.

21. Shake it Up

Red Brick House With Grey Siding

This house idea shows a red brick house with grey siding. The building style is nice and elegant. You get a top structure with great resale value if you install the appropriate siding.

The house bricks look great in these colors. The homeowners knew what they were doing when they decided to install the siding to give it a good look.

When you look at the grey shake siding, you get an excellent entryway which is enhanced when maintained.

22. Cool as a Cucumber

 Green Color Combinations With Red Brick

Using green color combinations with red brick can be a good option for most homeowners. You must manage this combination well to avoid a strange combination of these colors.

One needs to carefully blend the intensity of red bricks to get a sophisticated appearance. The above structure has shades of red bricks with occasional black placed by the sides.

One could also see a more subtle dark green in the other structures. White is used for all trims to prevent the exterior from looking bland.

23. Red Brick and siding for a Bold Contemporary Exterior

Red Brick And Siding For A Bold Contemporary Exterior

This combination idea is ideal because it shows a modern style different from what you are used to. For those who have a contemporary structure, the boldness that comes from these combinations is glaring.

The design shows the black and red colors of the home’s exterior, with the fence looking good in red. Also, red brick is used to mark the house facade.

When you check the glass doors, the color combinations blend well and show what an amazing combination can do to buildings.

24. A Timeless Exterior combining Sage Green and Red Brick

A Timeless Exterior Combining Sage Green And Red Brick

This is another idea that combines siding colors with sage green. The tone of the green color pairs well with the red brick, giving an appearance many consider unique and timeless.

It is a good choice for those with a flexible exterior design who stick to color. Furthermore, using sage green shows a nice undertone, showing that both grey and red brick colors can be used together.

As you can notice, this design has an appealing look as the red brick seems more visible while the other colors give it a nice background.

25. A Bluish-Grey  and Red Brick Combinations

A Bluish-Grey And Red Brick Combinations

Another red brick and siding idea that comes to mind is when you combine red brick and bluish-grey, and this combination makes your home look beautiful from afar.

But, there is more when you take your time to examine it properly. It is a good combination for fans of blue color; however, they need to pair it perfectly with red brick to get the desired result.

Also, you can still get a good combination that won’t spoil the exterior design when using the greyish-blue color. Moreover, when we are talking of a great red-brick tone, using grey to pair with blue is an excellent solution.

When you pick blue, you should consider choosing something darker with a slight grey undertone.

Should brick and siding be the same color?

No, brick and sliding should not be the same color. Picking the right color combination can be difficult when pairing a brick with a sliding.

You should be able to distinguish which color type is necessary. When choosing colors for brick and siding colors, consider the following tips.

Exact Match

Pick colors that match your structures. This implies that when your brick is red, your siding should also be red to complement it.

If the structures are brown, you can choose a chocolate color for both bricks and siding. Matching the right colors will give your structure a befitting look.

Bold Contrast

When considering if the brick and siding are the same color, you should check the contrast to have greater appeal.

Bolding the contrast creates a style unlike what people are used to, and its uniqueness makes it stand out among other homes.

Does blue go with the red brick?

Yes, blue goes with red bricks when considering color combination ideas. Blue pairs well with red brick, making adding accents to homes easy.

It creates something unique and makes the appearance more appealing. Other color combinations are great for your homes; they include :

Red Brick House

Red Brick and Dark Red

Although this color combination is underrated, it is an excellent pair that makes your home look beautiful. Choosing the right blend is important, though, when pairing both colors.

Though both tones differ, the design makes the house more attractive. Many underrate the power of red and black, but this has shown otherwise.

Black Paint and Red Brick

Choosing black colors is a safe decision when paring home interior designs. This color combination makes the structure look for homeowners.

This color combination shows a contemporary style in both the interior and exterior. Also, you feel these designs will make passersby jealous of your creativity.

Red Brick and Tan color

This is a good pair for most homes. It offers something different from red bricks and siding combinations because it is unique.

When you pair it with brick walls, it provides an excellent look that isn’t flashy but subtle., Many consider these color combinations for new structures because they tend to have better resale value.

Final verdict

Depending on their needs and wants, homeowners should consider many color combinations.

Also, looking at the various ideas of red brick and siding color combinations and the ones that suit your needs is essential.

Picking the best color combination is not easy because it depends on your budget, needs, and preferences.

Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of PaintCentric.com, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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