Sherwin Williams Super Paint Vs Dunn Edwards Evershield: Which One Is Better?

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Have you ever had difficulty choosing between two different quality products? Maybe Sherwin Williams super paint and Dunn Edwards ever shield?

Have you ever wondered which of these products stands out? Are you even curious which of the products will answer your needs best? Then stop wondering; the answer is right here before you in this article.

In this article, I will share insights into the features, benefits, and differences between the two products: Sherwin Williams super paint and Dunn Edwards ever shield.

The differences between these two are compared by putting the Sherwin Williams super paint vs. the Dunn Edwards ever shield. Contrasting them by showing their meanings, features, and differences gives you a clear insight into each product, and that helps you make a choice.

Sherwin Williams Super Paint Vs. Dunn Edwards Evershield – Which One Is Better?

There is nothing like having a well-constructed house with the correct furnishings and design. Painting after building construction can either improve the look of a house or reduce its quality.

For this reason, people need to consider carefully before choosing which paint to apply to the interior of their home. Sherwin Williams and Dunn Edwards top others in quality and are widely discussed.

Sherwin Williams Super Paint Vs Dunn Edwards Evershield
Sherwin Williams Super Paint Vs Dunn Edwards Evershield

Sherwin Williams Super Paint vs. Dunn Edwards Evershield – which one is better? An honest answer to this question will be that no specific one is better than the other.

Both paints are high quality, durable, and endure harsh weather conditions. Also, both paints can match well with different colors and have a warranty.

Therefore, it will be impossible to give a clear answer without considering personal feelings. The goal behind this article is not to help you develop feelings against a product or a brand.

But to fulfill the purpose of this article- helping you choose which paint to use. I will be going into the details of each painting, and well discuss its features, pros and cons, and peculiar features. After reading through this article, I believe you should be able to make a well-reasoned, intelligent choice of which paint to choose.

Comparison between Sherwin Williams Super Paint and Dunn Edwards Evershield

DifferenceSherwin Williams Super PaintDunn Edwards Evershield
BusinessPaint and coatingCoating production and supply
Growth(last 5 years)4500 stores worldwide75 leading stores in Southwest U.S.

Sherwin Williams Super Paint Overview

Sherwin Williams is a company focused on paint and coating manufacturing. It was founded in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S, in 1866 by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. They have varying brands, and products and about 4500 stores spread worldwide.

Sherwin Williams Super Paint
Sherwin Williams Super Paint

Super Paint is one of many products produced by the Sherwin-Williams Company. They produce various types of paints; SuperPaint, Duration, HGTV Ovation, Captivate, SnapDry, ProClassic, and many others. In this article, we will be examining the popular Sherwin Williams product, the Super Paint.

What Is Sherwin Williams Super Paint?

Sherwin Williams Super Paint has a perfect degree of durability, consistency, and flexibility, which is excellent for painting.

This product is one of the companys best products for painting the interior or exterior of your home. Because of its superb features, it is perfect for handling large and complex interior projects.

Sherwin Williams Super Paint Quality Levels

The paint has differing quality levels depending on consumer needs. It offers one of the best quality products in the market. Its products are well-tailored to consumers needs, making its brand one of the most popular ones on the market. The company aims to cater to different consumers demands in the market.

They offer consumers a wide range of products covering interior and exterior painting and any painting project. Their products include paint, sealants, applicators, stains, coatings, and Caulks. This enables them to serve their consumers well by providing variety and freedom of choice.

Sherwin Williams Super Paint Quality Levels
Sherwin Williams Super Paint Quality Levels

Sherwin Williams Price

Sherwin Williams Super Paint comes at affordable prices that match the quality of their products. So you dont have to worry about being tricked into buying something more expensive than its quality.

Generally, the basic Super Paint is around $60 per gallon. The company has SuperPaint Interior Latex with Sanitizing Technology, and the price for this is about $67.

It might seem like these prices are expensive. But be rest assured. Sherwin Williams Company offers 35% and 40% off sales regularly from time to time. So, you can purchase your paint at a discount.

The durability of Sherwin Williams Super Paint

Durability is one of the strongest options people consider when buying paints because everyone loves paint that stays longer on surfaces. Sherwin Williams Super Paint offers high durability and can last between 4-6 years.

This makes it cost-effective and is perfect for those who regularly get stains on walls as it can easily be scrubbed clean.

Vocs of Sherwin Williams Super Paint

You might be wondering whether, like most paints, Sherwin Williams Super Paint has VOCs. VOCs can harm a persons health and cause difficulty breathing. Therefore it is vital to check whether a product has VOCs to take precautions against health problems in the future.

Sherwin Williams Super Paint has been produced so that it has no VOCs. Instead, it has an air purifying technology that improves the homes indoor air quality, reducing the VOCs emitted by carpets, cabinets, and fabrics to keep the ecosystem healthy.

Dunn Edwards Evershield Overview

The co-founders, Frank Buddy Dunn and James Smith, started the company as a Wallpaper corporation in 1925 in Los Angeles. Later, in 1927, they changed the companys name to Dunn Edwards and started a paint business. Dunn Edwards, as of now, runs 75 leading stores in Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Arizona.

Dunn Edwards Evershield Overview
Dunn Edwards Evershield

Evershield is one of the companys products. This company also provides finishes, undercoats, primers, and sealers. Beyond that, Dunn Edwards helps customers with business seminars.

The company experts also teach those new techniques when using the Dunn Edwards paints to get full-color beauty. Evershield is one of their best products.

What Is Dunn Edwards Evershield?

Evershield is a paint Dunn Edwards carefully created. It offers rare durability and strong adhesion and is ideal for a great painting experience. The improved Evershield is a 100% acrylic paint.

Mainly suitable for the exterior of your home because of its long-lasting features. You apply it onto properly primed concrete, outer metal, block, plaster, and stucco.

Dunn Edwards Evershield Paint Quality Levels

The Evershield paints come in six different gloss forms. They are Flat, Velvet, Eggshell, Low Sheen, semi-gloss, and gloss. Flat and Velvet offers high chalk resistance, surfactant removal, durability, and alkali resistance.

The others also provide high glow retention, surfactant removal, strong block resistance, and water resistance. In a survey in August 2009, Dunn Edwards experts asked many pro painters who paint they preferred and more sided with Dunn Edwards. Why? It is superior in quality.

The Evershield paint has a tint base to mix your paint color into light, medium, or dark tones. And same as other Dunn Edwards paints, improved Evershield has zero ethylene glycol (EG). Because EG can be harmful, the producer removed it. This company has varieties of unique products that are eco-friendly.

Dunn Edwards Evershield Price

The Evershield models come at affordable prices that give incredible durability. So, youll use glowing, smooth, and, most importantly, highly resistant paint.

Dunn Edwards uses quality ingredients in making its paints (i.e., acrylic resin, pigments, etc.). The companys pro chemists help create these ingredients to end up with quality paints.

The price for a gallon of Dunn Edwards Evershield is about $62. By using the Evershield, youll have full access to Dunn experts. Theyll offer you tons of advice on achieving full-color beauty in your home.

The durability of  Dunn Edwards Evershield

Painting Dunn Edwards Evershield
Dunn Edwards Evershield Durability

Long-lasting experience is one thing many ask for in paint, and Dunn Edwards improved Evershield offers high durability. Evershield is manufactured to withstand the Southwest climate of the U. S. In the Mojave Desert; there can be extreme heat.

In Sierra Nevada Mountains, there can be harsh cold. After years of repeated testing, the Evershield can withstand these extreme climates and lasts long anywhere in the world. The Evershield typically should last around 8-10 years.

Vocs Dunn Edwards Evershield

Another thing people consider when buying paint is the odor. VOCs from some paints can be threatening to health. But like other Dunn Edwards products, Evershield has no VOCs. The company makes paints with Zero VOC colorants, offering more beauty and ensuring the ecosystems safety.

What Is the Best Paint to Use and How I Chose the Right Painter?

Everyone has varying tastes and practices. Therefore, itll be impossible to conclude which is better; Dunn Edwards Evershield or Sherwin Williams super paint. Depending on some personal factors, you can make your choice. Here they are:

Best Paint To Use
Paint Options

Your Schedule

You can opt for any brand if your schedule is not always tight. If you have a fixed timescale, consider finding a brand thatll deliver your paint as fast as possible.

Check the Project Scale

Depending on the project size, you choose the brand. For instance, Dunn Edwards often deals with contractors on a large scale. If youre on a large project, you can opt for it. But if otherwise, going for Super Paint is a good idea.

Think about the Building

From its Perfect Pallete, Dunn Edwards offers many suitable colors for an average home. But Sherwin Williams does it great when the matching exterior and interior paint arises.

After deciding the suitable paint, the next thing on board is choosing the right painter. If you look around, youll see hundreds, if not thousands, of painters.

And if youre not careful, you may make the wrong choice. But getting a few tips on choosing the right contractor will help a lot. Here are some guidelines on hiring the right painter.

  1. First, list all the jobs you want the painter to do. Identify all the spots. This step will help your painter in making a precise quote.
  2. The proof is the key. Youll want to search for painters with a good reputation in your area. If a painter did an excellent job for another, they could also do an excellent job for you.
  3. If a contractor makes its customers happy, they can be a good pick for you. So, endeavor to check customers reviews on contractors. You can use Google reviews, Yelp, Houzz, or Angies List. Theyre great platforms to look out for painters.
  4. When initially engaging a contractor, please take note of what they say. Youll want to hire a contractor that relates clearly and on time.
  5. Pro painters estimate prices with details and clarity. Youll want to go for them.
  6. Contact at least three contractors. Then, you may take some time to compare their skill level, prices, and reviews to pick the most promising one.
  7. After that, enjoy an exciting painting experience.


So, thats all about making your choice. Now, you already know that choosing between Sherwin Williams super paint vs. Dunn Edwards ever shield depends on what you want for your job. Therefore you need to compare both and see the brand that suits you best.

Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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