Randy Charles
Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as...Read more

Randy Charles
Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as...Read more

What Color Paint Goes with Brown Carpet?

Randy Charles
Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as...Read more

When it comes to home decorations and setting up an apartment, nothing comes closer to combining the right furniture and Color. There’s an appeal the right combination inspires that makes it worth every time and effort put into it. While making an apartment reflect the right furniture arrangement and color combination can be appealing, what Color paint goes with a brown carpet is more than many people ask.

Brown carpet is a piece of art that needs to be matched with the right kind of paint to make it stand out and give you that earthy feel in your home. The purpose of this article is to provide you with fantastic color combinations to work with your brown carpet and room painting, and furniture.

Is Brown a Good Carpeting Color?

Brown is a unique carpet color, making it hard to pair with paint. Pairing paint with any carpet color isn’t as easy as it looks, and this is especially true when it comes to brown carpets. But with brown being a neutral color, it is an excellent choice for kids as it can hide stains pretty well. Imagine your kids stepping all over your white carpet with dusty feet and dirt; that means extra chores for you or more money to be spent trying to restore the carpet to its original state.

 Is Brown A Good Carpeting Color

A dark brown carpet might save you from stubborn stains and dirt while retaining its beauty and form. When your life is too busy to worry about your carpet, brown is an excellent color to keep your room looking forever fresh. Although the brown Color may not be a trendy choice for carpeting, it is still a neutral color, making it a good choice when decorating your house because it can combine well with various colors.

Advantages of Dark Brown Carpets

I prefer the dark brown carpet to its lighter shades for the following reasons.

  • Easy to clean up
  • Easy to match
  • Coziness
  • Conceal dirt and stains, which is arguably one of its most significant advantages
  • Durability
  • Warmer

What Color Goes Well with Brown Carpet?

Sadly, not every Color goes well with the Color brown as expected, which is pretty standard, and mixing two wrong colors might become a big disaster and give your house a poor look. To avoid this error, one must find the best color combos and mix them to create the perfect blend.

What Color Paint Goes With Brown Carpet

There are several types of brown colors available. Knowing the various shades is essential to help you understand how best to mix the colors. There are about 50 shades of brown color ranging from light brown to very dark brown, and the Color of the brown carpet selected determines what paint color to choose.

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Possible Colors to Mix with Brown Carpet

Brown Color is a dark and uncommon color for the carpet. Therefore, this might make it difficult to match. But its neutrality allows it to blend well many colors, and below are some of the perfect colors to consider for brown carpets.

Possible Colors To Mix With Brown Carpet

  • White: White brings out a rich look in a house, and when mixed with a dark brown, it creates a lovely feeling to your home as it is a universal color. Combining these two colors helps create a perfect blend and a satisfying mixture, as the white Color will help the brown stand out. If you have a brown carpet, you should paint part of your walls white or use white drapes or curtains for a vibrant look.
  • Cream: Cream paint colors help people relax and enjoy warm and comfortable living spaces. It is a safe choice that will fit almost every room and carpet color. When combined with brown carpets, Cream colors bring warmth and contentment to your living space as it has a very soft and inviting appearance.
  • Tan: Tan is a pale tone of brown Color, making it a neutral shade. A tan-colored wall with a brown carpet gives your room a vintage look. This combination perfectly suits your living room, bedroom, and dining room. A perfect blend of tan with brown does not give the room a dull look as the Color on the wall is lighter when compared to the Color of the carpet, which is very important as not to produce a light display.
  • Green: Both green and brown are colors found in nature. Brown is the Color of the earth, and green is the Color of fresh and healthy plants. So if you include them in your home’s decor, you can create a comfortable and relaxing feeling, making you feel surrounded by nature. Adding some green flowers won’t be such a bad idea, too, and some bright white touches in the room can also help reduce the green and brown colors effects. 
  • Blue: It’s easy to see how perfectly blues and browns complement one another in the image below. Blue brings harmony while brown brings warmth, indeed a perfect combo. Add pieces of wall decor that are blue. You may also get brown furniture that matches the ceilings while painting the walls with blue while adding luxurious furniture’s in neutral colors to create contrast.
  • Grey: It’s not strange to know that brown carpet goes with grey walls and pieces of furniture. Grey is associated with nature, and brown with an earthy look, hence why they blend well. Dark brown carpet is an excellent addition to light grey walls as it creates a sense of comfort in a smaller room, while in larger rooms, you can match your brown carpet with dark grey walls and enhance your room’s elegance. The mixture of brown carpets and Grey walls gives a more masculine feel and appearance.
  • Pink: Brown is often said to be dull and dark. But it becomes a state of the art when you combine it with pink it will remove the boredom and darkness attached with brown. Therefore, it is safe to combine it with pink. You may also bring elements of pink into the room through furnishing elements and pieces of furniture. Brown helps to build perfect backdrops for wall decors and other frames. Pink also brings warmth and calmness into the room. This combination is ideal for bedrooms. Your female children might love them or your young children’s bedroom.

What Colors Should to Avoid with Brown Carpets?

What Colors Should To Avoid With Brown Carpets

Colors are very versatile and can take various shades, but with brown being a neutral color, it will match any color you pair with it. Many people feel brown walls and brown carpet will make a dull display, but it is safe to admit that preferences differ in different people. As long as you like paint color, it will appear pretty before your eyes. However, there is a general acceptance of color combos that do not match, like having a room painted dark brown with some brown furniture and brown carpet. That is why it is safe to stick with the colors listed above to be on the safe side and save yourself the stress of trying combos of mismatching colors.


Knowing what Color paint goes with a brown carpet should be easy if you patiently read through this guide. Brown Color is a beautiful color and will make an excellent choice for home decoration. If you follow the color combination recommendations in this guide, you will be on your way to achieving the perfect color combination for your apartment.

Randy Charles
Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as a painter earlier in my professional career. There is simply nothing about painting that I didn’t do as a painter. From painting a fridge to a multi-storied building, I left nothing. I retired from my painting job in the mid of 2018 due to back arthritis problems.

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