How to Make Chalk Paint Without Plaster of Paris?

Why Make Your Diy Homemade Chalk Paint

Instead of spending money on store-bought chalk paint, try to learn how to make chalk paint without plaster of Paris in a matter of minutes and save both time and money. Chalk paint is a favorite of many of us and it is a wonderful experience. Why? Because it requires little to no preparation, which …

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How to Paint Over Non-Paintable Caulk?

How To Paint Over Non-Paintable Caulk

Moving into a new home is so refreshing and so is a house makeover. However, the experience can change if you notice some dull surfaces and broken windows or ceilings on some areas you least expected. You may even have organized a housewarming party in celebration of your new home. Having limited time, you decide …

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Is Chalk Paint Waterproof? (Get All the Details)

Is Chalk Paint Waterproof

Are you interested in using chalk paint on a piece of outdoor furniture or a piece of furniture that is constantly exposed to water? Then you might be wondering, is chalk paint waterproof? This article will enable you to know more about the water-resistance level of chalk paint and other things about chalk paint that …

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