How To Apply Duco Paint on MDF?

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Duco Paint is the fastest air-drying paint you can find in India. It is superior paint for wooden pieces of furniture. To effectively do Duco Paint on MDF or wood, you need a spray gun. Duco Paint boasts high color retention, strong water resistance, and durability. If you have fresh MDFs to paint on, try high gloss or matte finish Duco Paint options. Before Duco car paint was more popular but the emergence of PU Paint lowered its demand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Previously famous as car Duco, now Duco Paint is the leading coat for wooden surfaces like MDF.
  • Duco Paint can resist heat, water, dust, stains, and scratches. But for it to last longer, you should apply it professionally with a spray gun.
  • Duco Paint comes in endless color choices to ensure you select the best ones for your MDF work.
  • When you intend to create a sophisticated appearance on wooden surfaces, Duco Paint can help.
  • Duco Paint has volatile organic solvents and is highly flammable. Take safety measures such as wearing protective gear, ventilating your work area, and taking experts’ advice on this paint.
  • Although Duco Paint is durable, it will fade and turn yellowish over time.
  • To produce the best results, follow every step in this article.

Duco Paint On MDF: What Is It?

Duco Paint consists of a single chemical and the only way to apply it on wood is via a spray gun. But what is Duco Paint on MDF? First, MDF refers to Medium Density Fiberboard. It is a tricky wood to decorate because the paint dries so fast and can take an uneven, mottled pattern. That can explain why professionals’ painters choose Duco wood paint for MDF. You can paint directly on primed MDF using Duco Paint. This paint will hide wood grains and produce beautiful MDF.

Duco Paint On MDF

Can We Do Duco Paint On MDF?

Most experts believe that oil-based paints produce the best results on MDF. These paints produce that smooth and shiny finish we all want to see on wood. Nonetheless, oil-based paints take more time to dry. They can delay your painting process. That’s where water-based paints like Duco Paint come in. These are quick-drying paints that hasten the painting process.

At the same time, these paints conceal wood blemishes and bring out the best-painted surfaces. The process of decorating MDFs with Duco NC lacquers and primers is quite difficult. If you are a novice, you need to be extremely careful. It would be wiser to hire an expert to help you if your project is for pay or if you target error-free results. So, yes, you can do Duco Paint on MDF anytime you want if you follow our procedure below.

Why Do People Use Duco Paint On Mdf?

The properties of Duco Paint make it more attractive to home painters. As earlier hinted, it air dries quickly. So, it will only take around thirty minutes before you apply another coat. That can save your time and help you focus on any other task you have.

Even if Duco is water-based paint, it sticks on wood for a long time. It produces long-lasting results. You can still produce a high gloss MDF surface without using polishing wax. Having expertise and the correct equipment is imperative before applying Duco Paint.

Why Do People Use Duco Paint On Mdf

Because of its high retention and durability qualities, it is one of the best paints for timber surfaces. Another excellent thing about it is that it is cheap. Most people want to use Duco because it offers competitive prices and perfect results. We will talk about the cost of the paint below.

How Much Does Duco Paint Cost?

To buy Duco Paint anywhere in India, you will incur an average of Rs350 to Rs400 per liter. It is a bit cheaper than the PU Paint series, which costs Rs 450 to Rs500 per liter. Other less popular paints might cost much less but they do not provide durable and beautiful painted surfaces. Duco Paint is worth it despite the relatively high cost. Remember these are estimated costs per liter, so you can pay less depending on if you will buy one item or in bulk.

How To Apply Duco Paint On MDF?

The process of applying Duco Paint on MDF may require an expert. But if you can be cautious, you can try it at home. Before you begin, gather the necessary materials. They will include the following:

Materials and tools:

  • HVLP spray gun
  • Spirit
  • NC Putty
  • Duco Primer Surfacer
  • A white cotton cloth (Dhoti)
  • Lakh Dana
  • NC Duco Paint
  • Safety gear
  • Emery Paper (Grit of 180, 220, 320, 600, 800, or 1,000)
  • Duco thinner
  • Wood filler
  • Disc Sander Machine
  • Air compressor equipment


After gathering your tools and materials above, prepare yourself for the application process. Do the following:

  • First, wear your safety clothing and accessories
  • Create adequate ventilation where the task will take place. You might want to use an air conditioning system like a fan.
  • Take precautions when dealing with Duco coating because it is a thinner-based substance. That means it is flammable and dangerous.
  • If you are dealing with pre-polished wood, sand it down to remove the old paint.
  • Have sufficient gallons of paint in the colors you prefer
  • You will use a spray gun, so you better have adequate skill and knowledge.
  • Cover the surrounding areas with plastic sheeting and masking tape.
  • When choosing your thinner above, opt for the highest quality choice.

Apply Duco Paint On MDF

Here you will do a series of steps. They include the following:

Apply Duco Paint On MDF

Apply shellac polish on a clean MDF surface:

Before you apply wood Duco on MDF, make sure the surface is clean. With your Dhoti, wipe the surface until it is clean. Next, make shellac polish using some two ingredients: lakh dana and spirit. Then apply the low-density polish to the cleaned surface three to four times. Use your compressor machine to do a fabulous job.

Do repairs:

Shellac polish applications help expose cracks and other defects on wood. Therefore, you will repair these issues in this step. With a putty knife, fill these cracks and dents with wood filler. After the filler dries up, use the 180-grit sanding paper to smoothen the repaired areas. Sweep dust particles using a piece of cloth.

Apply the first primer coat:

Blend our paint thinner and primer surfacer in the ratio of 1:1.5. Note that you have the white and grey primer surfacers. If you choose a darker tone top paint coat, use a grey primer surfacer. If your topcoat color is bright, choose a white primer surfacer. Use your spray gun to apply this first coat of primer to the surface. After about thirty minutes, the primer will be dry.

 Inspect the MDF and repair minor problems:

Step two entailed repair work. That repair work was not enough. After applying the first coat of primer, you might notice tiny imperfections. The repairs will ensure that your Duco finishing is error-free and cute. Use your Duco NC putty to fill the cracks and dents and wait until they dry. After that, use an emery paper with grit quality of 220 to do wet sanding on the filled area. Clear dust with your dhoti or another cotton rag.

Apply the next primer layer:

Now apply the Duco primer to the area you have just repaired. Apply a second layer of the same in the ratio of 1:1.5.

Repeat the wet sanding step:

Next, use your coarse sanding paper (220) to do wet sanding where you have primed. Then, use the grit 320 to finish up the sanding process. After that, the surface will be super smooth and ready to receive Dupont Duco paint. Wipe off the dust with your Dhoti cloth and do the next step.

Apply two coats of Duco Paint:

In the ratio of 1:2, mix your preferred color of Duco NC and thinner. Wipe the surface again with your tack cloth to make it spotless. Paint the first layer of Duco on the MDF. Let it dry for thirty minutes. In the beginning, we said that Duco Paint dries very fast, and you will notice that in this step. So, apply the next layer of paint in the same manner.

Get rid of the sheen:

If you need the best results, do not jump this step. So, wet-sand the surface again using waterproof coarse(600 grit) paper. After that, scrub the surface  with your grit 800 and grit 1000 respectively.

Apply the final coat of paint:

Using the same ratio of 1:2 apply the last coat. Do this task very carefully to protect your results. If you do, the new Duco Paint on MDF will last longer.

Polish the surface to add gloss:

If you want to achieve a higher gloss appearance, carry out the buffing process. You only need to do it if you want the surface to shine. Otherwise, your wood can retain a matte finish. To create a shiny surface, use a rubbing compound rather than polishing wax.


So far, you understand the meaning of Duco Paint on MDF. Duco Paint works best on wooden surfaces, and it entails a wide assortment of colors. The application requires a professional approach. If you do not have a spray gun, let a professional who has it do the job for you. Alternatively, buy a spray gun and apply Duco on MDF as explained in this article.

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Randy Charles
Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as a painter earlier in my professional career. There is simply nothing about painting that I didn’t do as a painter. From painting a fridge to a multi-storied building, I left nothing. I retired from my painting job in the mid of 2018 due to back arthritis problems.

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