How To Make Orange Paint?

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Randy Charles
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Orange paint is a favorite of artists, homeowners, and muralists alike. Orange paint is great for adding warm color to your décor and brightening up any room. In addition, knowing how to make orange paint yourself allows you to create custom shades and tints of orange that can’t be found in stores.

The simplest way to make orange paint is to mix yellow and red colors. You can use either primary colors (red and yellow) or secondary colors (orange and red). There are many ways to make different shades of orange. If you want to know how to make orange paint, just follow these easy steps.

Orange is a great color to play with because it is made by mixing two other colors, red and yellow. However, depending on the shades of red and yellow you use, you can make different shades of orange.

What Two Colors Make Orange?

The answer is red and yellow. You might be thinking, isn’t that how you make brown? It depends. Sometimes, mixing red and yellow will result in a dark brown color. Other times, it will result in a lighter orange color. It all depends on the exact amounts of red and yellow that you mix.

What Two Colors Make Orange

Orange is a secondary color on the color wheel. It is made through combining two primary colors: yellow and red. Also, orange paint can be created by mixing complementary colors, like purple and yellow, though the result will be darker than what you get with the primary colors.

In addition, some people use a bright yellow-orange to illustrate that they are cheerful and friendly, while others opt for a deep orange-red to show their passion, love, and excitement. Many people find orange an uplifting color that helps them feel energized and optimistic.

How To Make Orange Paint?

To make your orange paint, you will need:

  • Two parts red paint
  • 1-part yellow paint
  • A glass or plastic mixing bowl of any size
  • A spoon

How To Make Orange Paint

Now that you have everything you need, follow these simple steps:

  1. Put the red and yellow paints in the bowl. Make sure you measure the paints properly. You will want two parts, red and one part yellow. You can use a measuring cup if you don’t trust your eye for measurement.
  2. Mix the paints with the spoon until they are well combined. Start stirring slowly and smoothly, then increase your pace as needed to thoroughly combine the colors. Your goal is to get a bright, even orange color without streaks. If you don’t like how the color looks, just add more red or yellow paint until it’s perfect for what you’re working on.
  3. Let the mixture dry before

Tips For Using Different Shades Of Orange

The color orange is a hue that signifies warmth and joy. It is a combination of the energy from red and the happiness from yellow. This is a color that you can use in many ways, but it is important to understand what different shades signify to be sure you get it right for your audience.

Below are some of the popular shades of orange and some of the best ways to use each one.

  • Dark Orange: Dark orange is a shade that is great for adding a little extra emphasis to your content without being too overpowering. This shade is great for text or buttons, especially if you are using it on a white background.
  • Coral Orange: Coral orange is perfect for summer and spring designs because it has a touch of pink in it. Use this in your designs to add extra warmth without being too bold with your color choice. Also, it is great as an accent color.
  • Light Orange: Light orange is perfect for adding brightness to your designs without overwhelming them. This color is also great for backgrounds because it will add just enough interest without causing any distractions from the rest of your design elements or text.
  • Burnt Orange: Burnt oranges are strong and bold. Whether you have burnt orange walls or burnt orange accents (or both), this shade is all about making a statement. It works best in rooms where natural light abounds, but don’t shy away from using it if your room has fewer windows. Also, burnt orange can amp up a space and make it feel warm and cozy.


Making orange paint is not difficult as long as you know how to make orange paint. You need to take two parts yellow paint and one part red. Combine them until you get a shade of orange that suits your fancy. First, you should read the information we have on this page.

With the steps and guide above, you can always find it easy to make orange paint on your own.

Randy Charles
Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Hi, I’m Randy Charles, the creator and chief editor of this site Paintcentric. I’m a businessman now by profession, but I used to work as a painter earlier in my professional career. There is simply nothing about painting that I didn’t do as a painter. From painting a fridge to a multi-storied building, I left nothing. I retired from my painting job in the mid of 2018 due to back arthritis problems.

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