How to Paint Dormers on a Steep Roof?

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We can all agree that the dormer is a very aesthetically pleasing part of a house; they showcase its grandeur and allow sunlight into the house. Dormers are elegant and majestic. I mean, who doesn’t love a nicely painted dormer? So, you want to know how to paint dormers on a steep roof? The answer to this question will be discussed in detail in this article.

How to paint dormers on a steep roof? Depending on the height of the dormer you’re painting, you will need a ladder or lift. Do not forget to have a safety harness and wear protective gear, like a helmet.

Dormers are usually exposed to dust and elements due to their positioning at the top of houses. You must clean and sand the dormer to remove the old paint. Invest in a small rag that you will use in cleaning the windows.

Make sure to also invest in small brushes if you plan to paint the sides of the dormer because those are hard to reach with a roller. It would help if you didn’t paint dormers without protective gearing because this could be pretty disastrous. The protective gear you might need are

  • Boots
  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Harness

Things You Need to Paint a Dormer

Suppose you ask a roof painter the most challenging part of painting a roof. In that case, they’d most likely tell you that it is painting the Dormerthe risk of falling because of the steepness of the roof where dormers are. Adequate preparation is of utmost importance when painting a dormer; the essential tools and resources should be readily accessible. If you are looking to paint your dormer, here are some things you’d need

Things You Need To Paint A Dormer

1. Need paint

Before you embark on the journey of having your dormer painted, you know it is pretty apparent that you’d need to paint.

Because dormers are outside of the house, dormers are subject to dust, rain, sand storms, etc. The saying “Come rain-come shine” is very accurate for dormers.

So, it would be best if you ensure that your dormer is getting quality paint to look clean and new for a long time before needing to be repainted.

Need Paint

The best paint for dormers is acrylic latex paint due to its holding power and durability. Acrylic latex paint will stay on the walls for longer and will perform better at weathering the storms that may come due to dormers being outside.

2. Need a Ladder

It will be impossible to reach your house dormer without a long, sturdy ladder. Ensure you get an excellent ladder when getting tools to paint your dormer.

If you are asking the question, How to paint a dormer on a steep roof? One of the answers is to get an excellent ladder to carry your weight while painting.

Need A Ladder

Aluminium ladders are perfect for exterior painting because they can handle weight better than wooden ladders. Invest in a good aluminium ladder if you do not want a ladder that will break under your weight, resulting in injury or death.

Some excellent ladders to paint your dormer are;

  • Louisville Ladder FE3216
  • Little Giant Ladder Model M26
  • Dewalt Ladder Dxl3020

3. Tape for Masking

masking tape is used to cover around the parts that you don’t want paint getting on. Use masking tape to cover up windows and exterior walls that don’t need paint.

Tape For Masking

Masking tape has low tack and low adhesive strength; this makes it easy for the masking tape to come off after you have used it to protect what does not need paint.

Masking tape is also known as painter’s tape, and there are varieties you can choose from to suit your needs.

Some good choices are;

  • Frogtape Delicate Surface Masking Tape.
  • Scotchblue Masking Tape.
  • ScotchBlue Rough Surface Tape.

4. Cleaning solutions

Dormers are always outside, so you should not be surprised by the dust and dirt it has gathered.

You may need more than just water to remove the dust and dirt; you need a powerful cleaning solution to remove contamination and dirt on polyvinyl chloride (UPVC).

An excellent example of a powerful cleaning solution is the HG UPVC CLEANER.

5. Nylon Brush

The texture of the nylon brush makes it a perfect kind of brush to use in cleaning the dormer you’re about to paint.

Nylon brushes won’t leave any marks or scratches on your dormer; the Dormer is exposed to harsh weather conditions; I know the last thing you want is to get more scratches on it. Get a Nylon Brush, and you won’t have to worry about that.

Nylon Brush

Some good picks are:

  • Flat Nylon Bristle Brush
  • Ultra-soft Nylon Brush

6. Wipes for Cleaning

These are essential if you want a good result at the end of painting your dormer. It would help if you had cleaning wipes handy for cleaning dirt off the dormer and the surrounding parts.

If this isn’t done, the paint might not go on properly and might come out looking shoddy and dull.

Take your time cleaning the windows and the sides of the dormer you wish to paint. Do this correctly, and you’re on your way to having a very well-painted dormer.

7. Primer

without this, the paint won’t hold on for too long. The primer works hand in hand with the colour to give you a perfect finish.

Use a brush, dip into the latex primer, and gently apply over the dormer you want to paint; make your strokes long and in one direction so that you don’t come out with a poor finish.

Leave the primer to dry for about 3 hours before applying paint.

Wipes For Cleaning

Some suitable primers are;

  • Exterior Wall Primer
  • Rust-Oleum Primer
  • Kilz General Purpose Exterior Primer

8. Sand Paper

Sand paper is used to removing any old paint on the dormer; use sandpaper and sand off any old paint; if you don’t do this properly, your painting might not come out well. Sanding will not only remove old paint but also hold the new paint firmly.

Sanding is essential unless you want your paint falling off after a few months. You should know some steps when painting a dormer; stay with me in this article, and you’ll find out.

Sand Paper

What Steps Do You Need to Complete to Paint a Dormer?

This article will be incomplete without us telling you how to paint your dormer. If you’d read carefully, you’d realize that painting your dormer isn’t rocket science and can be done by you very quickly.

How To Paint Dormers On A Steep Roof

So, What steps do you need to complete to paint a dormer?

1. Safety precautions are of utmost importance when painting a dormer. Because of the steepness of the roof where dormers are, it can be hazardous to attempt to paint the dormer without any mind for safety.

Always wear safety clothing, like, boots, helmets, and hand gloves. Also, use safety equipment like a harness to protect you in case of a fall.

2. Prepare Dormer windows

The windows of dormers are dust magnets because they take all the dust and dirt that comes. This means that, most likely, your dormer window will be covered in dust when you are about to paint. Take a soft clean cloth, dip it in your cleaning solution, and gently wipe off the dust from the windows. Also, please use masking tape to cover the windows when you clean so that paint won’t mark the windows.

3. Sand The Area Before Painting It With Sandpaper

You will have to do an excellent job sanding off any old paint from the area you wish to paint. If you don’t do this, you will get a lot of old paint mixed in with the new, which isn’t good for the outlook of your dormer.

Sanding will also make the new paint hold better and longer. You should sand thoroughly if you do not want your paint falling off in just a few weeks.

4. Tape Off The Areas You Don’t Want To Paint With Masking Tape

In this step, you have to use masking tape and tape off areas you don’t want to be painted. Such sites include windows, Hinges, Panels, etc.

Get good quality Masking Tape designed to do exteriors and masking tape that can be removed quickly after use.

5. A Primer For The Surface

This next step involves gently applying a primer to the surface area you want to paint. Ensure that the surface area has been adequately sanded and cleaned.

Take a good primer and apply gently with a small brush on the intended surface area. A good primer will give your painting shine and good texture; priming will also aid the paint to hold better and last longer.

6. Apply Paint To The Surface

You’re now at the most critical aspect of the job- The painting. I recommend using acrylic latex paint because it is very durable and performs better in harsh weather conditions.

Use a paintbrush and apply the paint gently, in one-directional strokes. You can also switch from larger bristle brushes to smaller ones that can paint smaller spaces and crevices.

7. Using A Foam Roller, Evenly Distribute The Paint across the length and breadth of the dormer. Use a quality roller that will not create breakage in your painting pattern.

Roll gently using up and down motions to distribute the paint on the surface evenly. Then wait for an hour or two and apply a second coat to give it a solid finish.

8. Masking Tape Remove

Do not forget to take the masking tape off. It is easy to forget to do this; many people forget to take off their masking tape after work, which can ruin the quality of the work.

It would help if you removed the masking tape before the paint dries. With this last step now complete, hurray! You have wholly painted your dormer and can be proud of yourself.

Painting Dormers on a Steep Roof: Precautions

I’m sure you have read the word PRECAUTION a dozen times in this article. Due to the nature of painting a dormer, it cannot be said enough that one needs to be careful when carrying out this job.

Painting Dormers On A Steep Roof: Precautions

Always use safety helmets, boots, and harnesses, even on a ladder. Go for aluminium and fibreglass ladders like those recommended earlier in this article.

If you are not sure of yourself, then it is advised that you get professionals who are experienced in doing the job of painting dormers.

Do not stand with your two legs on the same spot when climbing a steep roof. One leg should always be in front of the other as this will create a balance in your weight. Wear a safety harness so that if you fall, it will hold you.


How to paint dormers on a steep roof? It is a question that I’m sure you now have the answer to after reading this article. You can now go on to paint and enjoy your aesthetic dormer without risking a fall.

Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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