Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of PaintCentric.com, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years...Read more

Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of PaintCentric.com, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years...Read more

Why Is Sherwin Williams Paint So Expensive?

Randy Charles
Professional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of PaintCentric.com, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years...Read more

Is Sherwin Williams’ Paints High-Quality Paint

Sherwin Williams paint is known for its superior quality and often exorbitant price tag. Have you ever been curious as to why so many choose their products despite the cost? We’ve done in-depth research to uncover what factors contribute to this premium pricing – understanding how they compare in terms of value and explore alternatives if budget is a constraint.

So let’s take some time out and dive into Sherwin Williams’ expensive paint offerings!

Reasons for Sherwin Williams Paint Being Expensive

From the booming housing market to rising raw material costs and labor wages, many factors are behind Sherwin Williams’ expensive prices. Iconic paint brands like Emerald Interior have become popular for their quality and innovation from swirls of color swatches to stain-blocking technology that makes painting a bliss.

Increased demand from housing boom

For the past few years, the US economy has been booming. This surge in housing markets has meant more homes being built and remodeled, which increases demand for high-quality paint like Sherwin Williams.

As a result of this increased demand, Sherwin-Williams was forced to raise their prices 7% in 2017. The higher costs can be attributed to several factors – such as labor shortages and rising raw material costs.

Additionally, the popular DIY trend on home improvement cable networks have driven up the number of paint purchases from customers who are willing to pay higher premiums for superior product quality and rare colors that only Sherwin-Williams provides.

Rising Raw material costs

The paint industry has seen its costs skyrocket in the past few months due to increasing demand for raw materials. As DIY projects surge and home sales skyrocket, Sherwin Williams – as well as other brands in the market – are seeing rising costs of titanium dioxide, resins, plastics, styrene-butadiene latex emulsion, solvents and other additives used in making paints.

This heightened demand has caused shortages in supply chain markets around the world, resulting not just in an increased cost but also long lead times on raw materials that have a direct impact on product pricing.

Moreover, inflated labor wages and ongoing labor disputes make it difficult for these companies to control costs associated with production and distribution of their products. All this together is causing a steep price rise across all paint brands – including Sherwin Williams’ range – even despite innovations enable by research and development such as higher volume solids content (allowing more coverage) or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) levels enabling cleaner air quality painted into homes.

Unique paint formulas

Sherwin Williams’ paint formulas are renowned for their outstanding qualityunrivaled durability and luxurious finishes. They feature high-grade ingredients and advanced technologies that make them longer lasting than conventional paints.

Their innovative formula provide superior washability and easy application with fewer coats which makes them ideal for homeowners who want an exceptional finish without sacrificing performance or longevity.

What’s more, Sherwin Williams’ unique paint formulas have become increasingly specialized to suit the needs of their customers from different markets; like those who demand color integrated durability to users seeking single coat coverage in an environmentally conscious way.

Rare colors

Sherwin Williams paints are known for their bright, vibrant hues and unique shades. This is due to the high-quality materials they use, namely premium hiding pigments such as titanium dioxide.

These give Sherwin Williams paints a superior ability to provide deeper saturation of color while still achieving excellent coverage over surfaces with fewer layers of paint required than traditional latex paints.

The use of these expensive materials adds additional costs to the production process, so even though you may pay more upfront for products from Sherwin Williams, in many cases, you’re getting better quality too.


One of the primary factors that contributes to Sherwin Williams’ high prices is its commitment to producing some of the highest-quality paint available. Unlike many cheaper paints, Sherwin Williams’ potent formulas are designed for superior coverage and durability so they need fewer coats for a consistent coloring job or a more even finish.

In addition, these premium paints have proven long-term toughness and can keep their appeal for years longer than budget brands despite harsher weather conditions or walls getting repeatedly washed over time.

When looking at different options it’s important to consider cost in relation to longevity and quality; while most other products may come with lower price tags upfront, they usually require more coats and have quicker deterioration rates as well making them difficult investments in the long run—something that makes choosing higher grade paints like those made by sherwin williams worthwhile.

High labor wages and shortages

The increasing cost of labor necessitates the fact that manufacturing companies have to raise prices on their products in order to maintain profitability. With Sherwin-Williams, they employ about 32,000 employees around the world and need to pay those workers competitive wages for quality work.

Highly-trained paint technicians can command higher salaries than people in less technical fields such as customer service. The time, talent and tools required to make paints of superior performance means that there are wage costs built into every gallon of paint sold by Sherwin Williams.

Another factor that contributes to the higher cost of Sherwin-Williams paint is labor shortages. With a strong demand for their products, Sherwin-Williams may struggle to keep up with production due to a lack of skilled workers.

This can result in increased labor costs and potentially slower turnaround times on orders. While they strive to maintain high-quality standards, the challenges posed by labor shortages can add to the overall expenses of producing their paints.

Popularity on HGTV

Sherwin-Williams paint has experienced an increased demand due to its popularity on HGTV shows. Cable Network’s hit home renovation programs have been featuring and recommending Sherwin Williams products often, driving consumers’ interest.

It is not just television either since the presence of Sherwin-Williams paints can be seen in other areas such as magazines or websites that feature DIY projects or renovations related topics.

This exposure has caused a sharp increase in consumer awareness about their superior quality and variety of colors. For instance, many home flippers rely heavily on Sherwin William’s high-quality products for their transformations seen on television or online when factoring investments into turning around homes quickly and at a profit.

Additionally, this brand stands out from competitors for offering greater durability with low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which helps contribute to the ozone layer protection by minimizing harmful emissions released during paint application or removal processes; a strong selling point for eco-conscious homeowners as well.

Why Is Sherwin Williams’ Paint So Expensive


Sherwin Williams paint is expensive for a variety of reasons, including increased demand from the housing boom and DIY trend, rising raw material costshigh labor wages, labor shortages, unique paint formulas, rare colors and its durability.

Its popularity on HGTV and its large company size are also factors. The higher price tag might deter some consumers but Sherwin Williams offers premium-performing paints that can justify the cost to those who value quality over quantity.


How does Sherwin Williams compare to other brands in terms of cost and value?

Compared to lower-end or mid-range paints sold at home improvement stores, Sherwin Williams offers premium pricing which reflects its market position as a higher-end paint brand that guarantees quality.

What are some reasons behind the increase in paint prices for brands like Sherwin Williams?

An increase in labor wages and growing demand could result in rising costs of Sherwin William’s premium paints.

Is there any difference between the quality of expensive and affordable paints offered by Sherwin Williams?

Yes! The more costly options from this brand often have better coverage properties over cheaper variants leading to long-lasting finish and durability.

Are there affordable alternatives available if I find the cost of Sherwin Williams too high?

There are various price ranges within Sherwin William’s own product line as well as other quality paint brands available that offer more budget-friendly choices.

Can customer perception influence the price of Sherwins William Paint?

Yes, customers who think highly about its longevity, color range can back up their inclination towards paying for such an esteemed standard.

How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost?

The price of Sherwin William paint ranges from $35 to $90 per gallon. The price of the paints depends on the different products. The Company has different products such as SuperPaint, Emerald, Cashmere, Duration, Captivate, Harmony, ProClassic, Eminence Ceiling Paint, etc. This, of course, means different prices. You can get the price of Sherwin Williams paints on their Williams website. The price list presented in this article is the latest price on their website.

Please, note that the different products of Sherwin Williams Company are for different purposes. They have products for interior, exterior, Cars,

  • SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex –$60.49 per gallon
  • Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex – $74.49 per gallon
  • Emerald Designer Edition Interior Latex – $94.99 per gallon
  • Cashmere Interior Latex – $60.49 per gallon
  • Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex – $69.99 per gallon
  • Captivate Interior Latex – $38.49 per gallon
  • Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex – $65.49 per gallon
  • ProClassic Waterborne Enamel – $79.99 per gallon
  • ProClassic Alkyd Interior Enamel – $79.99 per gallon
  • Eminence Ceiling – $36.99 per gallon
  • All Surface – $72.79 per gallon
  • SnapDry Door and Trim – $79.49 per gallon
  • EcoSelect Latex paint – $56.79 per gallon
  • Exterior Super Paint – $63.49 per gallon
  • Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex – $85.99 per gallon
  • Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex – $80.99 per gallon
  • Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex – $80.99 per gallon
  • Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex –$73.49 per gallon
  • A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex – $49.49 per gallon


Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of PaintCentric.com, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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