Proclassic Vs Emerald Urethane: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Paint

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When you are picking paint for your home, you might hear about Proclassic and Emerald Urethane. These are two types of paint. They are different and good for different things. Knowing about them helps you choose the right one for your home.

Proclassic paint is good for many places in your home. It’s easy to use and clean. This paint is strong and lasts a long time. It’s a good choice for doors, cabinets, and trim. It makes these areas look nice and smooth.

Emerald Urethane is another type of paint. It’s very strong and protects against water and stains. This makes it great for kitchens and bathrooms. These areas need tough paint because they get wet and dirty. Emerald Urethane keeps looking good, even in these tough places. It’s also easy to clean, which helps in these areas.

A Short Verdict

Proclassic offers a reliable, smooth finish for everyday spaces and is easy to apply. It’s a solid choice for general projects where a neat, durable finish is desired. Emerald Urethane, however, is the go-to for areas that require extra protection against moisture and wear. Its robust formulation makes it a superior choice for challenging environments.

Overview of Proclassic

Proclassic paint is a special kind of paint used in homes. It is made to be used on surfaces inside the house, like wood, metal, and walls. Proclassic is mostly water-based, which means it’s easy to use and clean up with water. This paint is good for places in your home like trim (the wood around doors and windows), doors, and cabinets.

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Ease of Application: One of the best things about Proclassic is that it’s easy to put on. You can use a brush, roller, or even a spray to apply it. This paint goes on smoothly, so you don’t get marks or lines in the paint when you’re done. Because it’s water-based, cleaning your brushes or rollers after painting is simple too. Just wash them in water.

Smooth Finish: When you use Proclassic paint, it dries to a smooth and nice-looking finish. This means the surface you paint will look even and neat. The paint comes in different sheens, which are ways it can shine. You can choose from a more shiny look or a less shiny one, depending on what you like.

Durability: Proclassic is also known for being strong and lasting a long time. This paint doesn’t scratch or chip easily. It’s a good choice for areas in your home that get touched a lot, like doors and cabinets. The paint keeps looking good over time, even when you clean it.

Suitability for Home Surfaces: Proclassic is a good paint for many parts of your house. It works well on trim, making the edges around your doors and windows look sharp and clean. For doors, it makes them look nice and holds up to being opened and closed a lot. On cabinets, Proclassic is great because it can handle being touched and cleaned often. It’s a versatile paint that can make many areas in your home look better.

Overview of Emerald Urethane

Emerald Urethane is a high-quality paint designed for use in homes. It’s particularly suited for surfaces that need extra protection, such as those in kitchens and bathrooms. This paint stands out for its durability and resistance to harsh conditions. It’s a great option for surfaces that are exposed to moisture, heavy use, and cleaning agents.

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Durability and Resistance: Emerald Urethane is known for its exceptional durability. It resists wear and tear much better than many other paints. This makes it perfect for high-traffic areas in your home. It withstands scratches, chips, and other damage, maintaining its appearance over time. This durability is especially useful for doors, cabinets, and trim that are frequently used or cleaned.

Water and Stain Resistance: A key feature of Emerald Urethane is its resistance to water and stains. This makes it an ideal choice for areas that are prone to moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Spills and splashes can be wiped away easily without leaving stains or damaging the paint. This resistance ensures that surfaces remain clean and attractive with minimal maintenance.

Ease of Application: While Emerald Urethane may be thicker than some other paints, it can still be applied smoothly with the right tools. You can use a brush, roller, or sprayer for application. This versatility in application methods makes it a convenient choice for various painting projects in your home.

Finish: Emerald Urethane dries to a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish. It enhances the appearance of surfaces by providing a neat and clean look. The paint is available in various sheens, allowing you to choose the level of shine that best suits your style and the needs of your space.

Ideal for Harsh Environments: Emerald Urethane is particularly well-suited for environments that are harsh on paint. Its robust formulation ensures that it holds up well in areas that require frequent cleaning or are exposed to steam and humidity. This resilience makes it a top choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and utility areas in your home.

Proclassic Vs Emerald Urethane Detailed Comparison

Proclassic Vs Emerald Urethane

When choosing paint for your home, it’s important to know about different kinds. Proclassic and Emerald Urethane are two types you might think about. Here’s how they are different and what they’re good for.


Proclassic Durability: Proclassic paint is made to last a long time. This means it doesn’t get damaged easily. You can use it on doors, cabinets, and other places in your home that you use a lot. When you touch these areas often, the paint needs to be strong so it doesn’t wear away. Proclassic is good at handling this kind of regular use. It stays looking nice, even if you need to clean it often. This makes it a reliable choice for many parts of your home. It keeps your doors and cabinets looking good without needing to repaint them too soon.

Emerald Urethane Durability: Emerald Urethane is even stronger than Proclassic. It’s made for places in your home that might get wet or dirty. This includes kitchens and bathrooms, where water and steam are common. Emerald Urethane is really good at resisting water. This means it doesn’t get damaged easily when it gets wet. It’s also strong against dirt and stains. If something spills on it, you can clean it without worrying about the paint coming off. This makes Emerald Urethane a great choice for areas in your home that need extra strong paint. It stays looking good, even in tough conditions.


Proclassic Finish: Proclassic paint dries to a smooth and neat finish. This means it makes surfaces like your walls and woodwork look really even and clean. You can choose how shiny you want it. Some people like a shinier look, while others prefer less shine. Proclassic gives you these options. It’s great for making your rooms look tidy and well done. The smooth finish also makes it easier to clean the surfaces when needed.

Emerald Urethane Finish: Emerald Urethane also has a smooth finish, but it’s known for being tougher against scratches and stains. This is really helpful for places in your home that might get dirty or damaged easily. For example, in a kitchen, you might accidentally scratch the walls or spill something. Emerald Urethane’s finish can handle this kind of wear better. It stays looking good, even when it gets a bit roughed up.


Applying Proclassic: Proclassic is easy to put on. You can use a brush, a roller, or a spray. It’s a water-based paint, which makes cleaning up after painting pretty simple. Just washing with water can clean your tools. This makes Proclassic a convenient choice if you want a hassle-free painting experience.

Applying Emerald Urethane: Emerald Urethane might be a bit thicker than Proclassic. This means you need to be a bit more careful when applying it. But it’s still something you can do by yourself. Even though it’s thicker, with some care, you can get a nice, even coat on your walls or other surfaces.

Resistance to Wear and Tear

Proclassic Wear and Tear: Proclassic is strong against normal wear and tear. It doesn’t scratch or chip easily, which is good for everyday living spaces. This means it can keep looking good for a long time, even in areas that get used a lot.

Emerald Urethane Wear and Tear: Emerald Urethane is even better at resisting wear and tear. It’s made for tough conditions like moisture and heavy cleaning. This makes it a good choice for places in your home that need extra tough paint. It can handle more challenging situations without getting damaged.

Ideal Usage Scenarios

Proclassic Usage: Proclassic is great for general painting projects. It’s a good choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and other places that don’t get too messy. If you’re painting a normal room, Proclassic can give it a nice look and handle everyday use well.

Emerald Urethane Usage: Emerald Urethane is the best choice for harder conditions. It’s right for kitchens, bathrooms, and floors. These are places where the paint needs to be really tough and resistant to water and dirt. Emerald Urethane can keep looking good, even in these tough places.


Proclassic Cost: Proclassic might be less expensive than Emerald Urethane. This can be good if you’re working on a big project and need to watch how much you spend. It offers a balance between quality and affordability.

Emerald Urethane Cost: Emerald Urethane could cost more. But it might save you money in the long run because it lasts longer in tough conditions. So, if you’re painting an area that needs extra protection, the extra cost could be worth it.

Environmental Impact

Proclassic Environmental Impact: Being water-based, Proclassic is better for the environment. It has less smell, which is good for indoor air quality. Also, because you can clean it with water, it’s easier and safer for the environment when you clean up.

Emerald Urethane Environmental Impact: Emerald Urethane is also made to be safe for the environment. But it might have a stronger smell when you’re using it. This is something to think about if you’re sensitive to paint smells or if you’re painting in a less-ventilated area.

The Choice for Your Project

When choosing paint for your project, think about where you’re painting. For normal rooms like living rooms and bedrooms, Proclassic is a good choice. It looks nice, is easy to use, and is gentle in the environment. But for areas that get wet, dirty, or used a lot, Emerald Urethane is better. It’s stronger and can keep looking good, even in tough places. Your choice should depend on your specific needs and the conditions where the paint will be applied.


Can Emerald Urethane be used on exterior surfaces?

Yes, Emerald Urethane is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. Its durability and resistance to weather elements make it a good choice for outdoor projects as well.

How long does Emerald Urethane take to dry?

Emerald Urethane typically takes about 4-6 hours to dry to the touch. However, it’s recommended to wait 24 hours before applying a second coat or resuming heavy use of the painted surface.

Is Emerald Urethane safe to use in rooms with poor ventilation?

While Emerald Urethane is made to be safe for the environment, it’s always best to use it in well-ventilated areas. If ventilation is a concern, take steps to improve air flow or use protective gear while painting.

Can I apply Emerald Urethane over an old paint?

Yes, you can apply Emerald Urethane over an old paint, but the surface should be properly prepared. This includes cleaning, sanding, and priming if necessary, to ensure the best adhesion and finish.

Randy CharlesProfessional Painter

Randy Charles is the owner of, a website dedicated to providing information, tips, tricks, and news about all things paint. With over 10 years of experience in the painting industry, Randy has become an expert in the field and is passionate about helping others learn more about painting. He has written numerous articles on the subject and is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information to his readers.

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